Saturday, July 27, 2019

Turning 40

Yesterday was the big birthday!  I went for my regular morning walk and then I did a small workout.  I spent some time just laying in the hammock in the back yard.  The weather this week in the mornings has been beautiful, in the 60's.  I have been feeling like I need a little more Vitamin D.  This last month of the deployment has been harder than I wanted it to be and taking the extra time for some mindfulness has been important to try to relax.  I took this video on Tuesday.  It was cool to watch the clouds move in different directions and then to figure out what the clouds look like.  I apologize for my finger that is slightly in the way.

I spent the afternoon scrapbooking.  I am very behind on that right now.  These are the scrapbooks that I have had out this week.
Nathan called not too long before supper and I opened his card and gift while he was on the phone.  I thought that it would be nice to do that so it was like he was here.  I tried to actually connect via video so that he could see too but due to the way Nathan was calling me it was not possible.  I believe he was appreciative that I waited to open his gifts.  He bought me two scrapbooks which I needed because as you can see in the photo, the ones I have are pretty full.  I actually have pages but no book to put them in so now they have a place to go :)

When Nathan called last week he wanted to know what the plan was for the 40th.  I told him that I was going to walk around in my tiara for the day because why not.  He wanted to know if I was wearing my wizard hat and coat too.  So why not?!  I sent him an email last night with photos of birthday attire.

Pork ribs and sauteed zucchini were for dinner.  The ribs were in the crockpot for the day so the meat came off the bone easily.  Dark chocolate for dessert.

Thank You to all my family and friends for the cards and gifts!  I am beyond grateful for your thoughts and making sure I had a very wonderful birthday!  Now 5 days left until Nathan returns home.

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