Saturday, June 29, 2019

6 Weeks Left

Then this year's deployment will be over.  I am horrible about writing.  I really should do it more often.  The weather is all over the place here.  By mid-next week we will be looking at 100 degree days again.  We had 100 degree days back in April I believe.  We have had near flooding rain and now we are dry.  So much that it has impacted my flowers.  I had a double lily in one of the bulbs I planted last year.  Sadly one of those two burnt.  I also lost a lily bud on another plant because it burnt.  The lilies started to come up right after Nathan left in early April.  I thought for sure they would have bloomed and passed by now.  I currently only have one bloom.  The banana plants are about the same size now as they were this time last year.

Lilies today - June 29th, 2019

Lilies last year - June 30th, 2018

Banana plant today - June 29th, 2019
Banana plant last year - June 23rd, 2018

I didn't blog at all about my little niece last year.  The oldest of the Tyner boys had a little girl last year.  She turned one this week!  I crocheted a cute blanket for her last Christmas.  For her first birthday, I didn't know what to get her.  I knew she would likely get clothes and toys so I sent to her a journal.  Not a blank journal but I had been writing since Christmas 2017 when my brother and sister-in-law announced that they were expecting.  I wasn't sure it really was appropriate.  I sent the journal with a note to her parents that I was okay with whatever they decided to do with regards to the journal; wait to give it to her or read it to her.  The gift was a good idea and my wonderful sister-in-law sent a little video to let me know.

Niece's blanket drying after its wash - December 2018
Angel is getting older and unfortunately has some arthritis in her rear hips.  She is on a daily doggie aspirin.  I don't take her out for walks and the walks I can get her to take are to the corner fire hydrant, we live at the corner.  She spends most of her day sleeping now.

June 2019 sleeping on blankets while I was changing sheets
May 2019 sleeping in late

April 2019 a couple days after Nathan left
I flooded the kitchen about a week and a half ago.  I was changing the water filter which is located in the bottom venting area.  Apparently, you can't put those filters in half way and assume they are in all the way because when they pop out the water is running.  There must be some type of valve that opens and closes when installing and removing the filter correctly.  I managed to get the filter installed.  I tested to make sure there wouldn't be any leaks.  It worked fine for 6 days and then popped out and started leaking again on Wednesday night, as I was getting a glass of water to get ready for bed.  This time I knew how to shut the water off to the refrigerator so I didn't go through nearly half as many towels as the first flood.  I managed to reinstall the filter with the water off and turned it back on again after.  So far we are okay.  I will keep you posted.

Before Nathan left he hid some mini Cadbury Creme filled eggs for me around the house.  There were 10 in total.  It took me about a month to find them all.  I have only eaten two of them.  I am appreciative that he did that because ironically I seemed to find the eggs on days that were not so good.
Collection of treats as of April 25th, 2019
Back in May the youngest of the Tyner siblings graduated from College.  I can't believe that!!  I am seriously old.  Kelli also graduated with her doctorate the week after.  She is officially a DNP, Doctor of Nursing Practice.  I was unable to get out to see them both graduate.  Traveling with Angel alone now would be too difficult.  I, however, was able to watch all the ceremonies and parties online.  Thank You technology!!

I hope to spend the next two weeks trying to figure out a vacation plan for when Nathan returns.  I have spent some time working on my family tree via  I might spend some more time with it now that I am not working full time.  I am only working a couple of hours a week.  I also have some paperwork and small odd and end things to get caught up on.  I might even jump back into scrapbooking.  I hope you all enjoy your summer!