Saturday, August 25, 2018

5 days in Asheville, NC

If you have not spent some time in Asheville, NC I recommend it.  We stayed in a cute little cabin that I booked through HomeAway.  It was pet-friendly and very convenient to places I hoped we could see.  Renting a place via HomeAway was cheaper than any hotel I found in Asheville and came with extra accommodations that I thought were well worth the money.

On the way to Asheville Angel had herself in quite a unique position.  She had fallen asleep and managed to end up on her back with her feet in the air wedged between my seat and her bed, while her head was hanging down to the side.  Did I mention that I should start a blog section specific to The Things Angel Does/Gets Into?!

On Tuesday Nathan and I spent the day at the beautiful Biltmore Estate.  I paid a little extra for the rooftop tour so we could take in some beautiful mountain views.  Nathan was rather impressed with my selfie skills.  When you pay for admission to the estate that includes access to Antler Hill Village and Farm.  We saw those two places last and I didn't get any photos while there.

Wednesday I was hoping we could do a day of trails at the North Carolina Arboretum.  The trails are pet-friendly and I was hoping a good day of exercise for Angel to help her lose some weight.  We did one two-mile trail and walked around the main buildings and then had to call it a day.

On the way back home on Wednesday we did stop at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center.  The Mountain to Sea Trail connects here.
On Thursday Morning Nathan and I hiked up the hill and mountain side where we were staying in Asheville to get on the path to the Mountain to Sea Trail.  That was an emotional experience for me.  I didn't have the trust in myself with regards to foot placement to think I could get up to the trail and then back down off the trail.  Where we climbed up to get to the trail was rather steep and there wasn't a very well laid out path through the woods. Anyway, it was about a half mile hike on the Mountain to Sea Trail to the first lookout.

Thursday afternoon we thought it would be neat to learn a little history about the town of Asheville.  We followed the Asheville Urban Trail in downtown.  It was very neat.  It reminds me of the Freedom Trail in Boston that you can walk.  Downtown Asheville is also quite busy like Boston which was a surprise considering the difference when compared to the area of Asheville where we were staying which was woods on a mountainside and very quiet.

On Friday we were back on our way home.  This time Angel didn't have herself contorted.

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