Tuesday, May 08, 2018

House #3

In February, while Nathan was away for school in Florida for the month, he took his one four day weekend, to go see his grandmother near Orlando.  Gram mentioned last year that she wanted to sell her home in Florida and move back to Vermont permanently.  See Gram was a snowbird.  She would spend the winters in Florida and then spring, summer and most of the fall in Vermont.  Anyway, Nathan thought it might be a good idea for us to buy it.  This would help with our claimed ties to the state as our domicile.  You all know about MSRRA's signing into law.  We do have driver's license, wills, and Voter Registration cards in Florida but this will help further the connection.

Upon our discussion and some conversations with Gram she was happy to sell the house to us.  In February, the purpose of Nathan's trip was for payment of the house in full, gathering paperwork and information, and having a meeting with the property management company.  At the end of January/early February, I did some research and actually connected with a Veteran who owns a property management company that handles the area Gram lives in.

Earlier this month I was able to obtain the official deed with our names on it from the county website.

Nathan and I are very grateful for Gram and her comfort in us buying the home!

I know what you are wondering, have we ever lived in it?  The answer is no we have never lived in it but Nathan and I have stayed at the house when visiting Gram.  It was the first time that we purchased a home from the owner.  It was faster in comparison to our other two home purchases.

I don't have pictures to share at this time but hopefully soon.

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