Sunday, April 29, 2018

2018 Deployment - One Month

Nathan left for deployment not too long after St. Patrick's Day.  I am very grateful for my job!  I had focused my attention this last month on helping the team prepare for a big meeting that happened this weekend, that I really didn't have time to think about Nathan being gone.  It made this first month go by rather quickly.

Friday was a slower day at work however and I had some time to process things and didn't have the best day.  I was not very mindful.  It was a day where I let things bother me.  I learned that in order to cash a check on post, if your not a member of one of the post banks, that you need to go to the Exchange.  While at the Exchange waiting to cash a check there was a couple practically making out.  It took a lot for me to not say something stupid like "go get a room."

I learned that there really is a difference between living on post or base vs. off.  I think living off base I got used to things being a little more convenient and/or less of a hassle.  Banks for example are opened on the weekend even if for limited hours.  No banks, well I should say the bank on post that is close to the house, is not open on the weekends at all.  Off post I enjoyed the pleasure of having a CSA deliver to the house.  When on post there isn't that luxury.  There is access to a CSA but you have to drive off to pick it up.

I try not to stress over these differences and appreciate what we have.  The commissary does sell local produce and they do have some organic items.  I was grateful that the Exchange could cash a check when I didn't want to drive into town.

If you saw the previous post Angel had some difficulty dealing with Nathan being gone and a new food.  I am happy to say that Angel is better.  Her system adjusted to the new food and she is getting a little better about letting the whole world know I am letting her outside.

Nathan called at the one month mark.  It was nice to hear his voice.  He sounded good, not tired and in good spirit.  We talked for almost half an hour.  Yes, we do email each other every day as long as it is possible.  I try to keep emails short and sweet but that is hard.

These last two weekends I have had a chance to do some yard work.  I don't really need to do anything but it is a good excuse for me to get outside and get some Vitamin D.  There were some things that were annoying me too.  The Lily bulbs Nathan and I planted before he left are also starting to come up.