Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy 2018

It is January 1st 2018!  I hope that you all had a Wonderful Holiday!  I have to say, baby it is cold out there, everywhere!  Please stay warm!

Okay now that we are done with the weather I know I have been horrible.  I haven't posted to the blog in a long time.  It is not that there aren't things to write about because there always are, it is just that I haven't had the time or the opposite I have had time but sitting at home moping and stewing don't help my frame of mind.  When I think or ponder over things I almost always lead to negative or bad thoughts which spirals into looking through a black hole.  It wasn't healthy and it wasn't helping me.

The last year and a half Nathan and I resided in Norfolk, VA.  Funny to think that 12-15 years ago we were in Norfolk.  Things have changed.  We lived out in town this last time instead of on or in base housing.  I think it was the best decision for us.  It was great for me.  I got to connect with the local community and I loved my neighbors.  Nathan was home for the most part for the last two years which was nice.

I got off my butt and volunteered at the Norfolk, Navy Marine Corps Relief Society office (NMCRS).  Like all things new I was nervous but getting out of the house was important and necessary.  I beat myself up whenever I make mistakes and that was clear in my volunteer work too.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to be and do the best.  Not a bad thing but I learned that I might take it to the extreme.  While volunteering with the society I became a Level II Caseworker.  Pretty proud of myself for that.  After volunteering for a couple of months with the Society an opportunity came up to be an AmeriCorps member.  You all know what the Peace Corps is?  Volunteer overseas for a year or so in a certain field or area.  AmeriCorps is the same thing only you volunteer here in the states.  As an AmeriCorps member I "worked" at the NMCRS Norfolk office to provide financial support and education to military, Veterans and their families.  The minimum requirement for me for the year of service was 900 hours.  I completed that and then negotiated a second contract in my year term and completed an additional 450 hours.  In total for the year, I completed 1416.5 hours of service.  Below is a picture of Nathan helping out with an AmeriCorps community project.  The first picture in the next row was of opening ceremonies for the year kickoff event of AmeriCorps 2016-2017.  In the picture on the screen, you will see the AmeriCorps oath.  The folks in the photo themselves are the directors for each of the AmeriCorps branches.  My director is the last one from L-R.  In the last picture are some certificates and goodies I received at the end of the year of service.

Right after my contract was over with AmeriCorps I obtained a remote job.  On August 1st I was the Administrative Assistant for a new department/division at Norwich University.  I worked part-time which meant I was still able to volunteer at the NMCRS Norfolk office.  On November 12th, just three and a half months after I started the job, I was promoted to Project Manager for the same department/division.  I officially for the first time since marrying my sailor have a salary and a possible career!

In September 2017 Nathan received orders and was promoted to Commander (CDR).  We did have a little party to celebrate at our favorite local pizza spot.

Orders are to Fayetteville, NC at Fort Bragg.  This is our first time on an Army post.  We thought about buying and we even looked at homes.  However we decided that it would be best to live on base and reside in base housing.  Our logic was that yes, a mortgage for a house out in town is cheaper than renting on base.  However, we thought about after we move and what we would obtain for rent and since we know that rent out in town is so low we wouldn't make anything after paying the property management company and the taxes.  So we chose to live on base.

In mid-November, I said goodbye to NMCRS Norfolk and by the end of the month, we were moving.  We made the trip to Vermont during the move.  It was for my job and worked out to be perfect timing.  I assisted in planning a conference for the new division/department at Norwich and it was a two-day event.  I can't give enough props to Best-Western Plus Waterbury Stowe for what they did.  Outstanding service for the conference and outstanding rooms!  Nathan and I were able to visit with his family while in VT and we also saw my sister for an evening.  After 5 days we turned around and headed back down south.  We moved into our 13th home on December 5th, 2017.

Below are some pictures of me at NMCRS through the year and a half I volunteered.  October 2016 Halloween, December 2016 a farewell, March 2017 I believe Nathan and I at a baseball game with NMCRS, August 2017 receiving my pin for over 1500 hours volunteered with NMCRS and the final picture is of the Chesapeake Knitting Guild group in November 2017.


On Christmas Day Nathan and I learned that we are going to be Auntie and Uncle to the first Tyner niece or nephew.  Very exciting!

Here is to a wonderful 2018!  Live more in the moment and appreciate what we have.  Those are my New Years Resolutions.