Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Settled in Norfolk, VA.....

and Happy 40th Birthday Handsome Sailor!

It has been a while since I have had some time to sit down and type or write. There was a lot that happened over the last four months! I will write a brief post here and hopefully will have some time a little later to go into further detail on certain things. Nathan made it home on December 21st. Four days before Christmas. It was a chaotic Tyner Christmas. The first time in 10 years everyone has been able to get together. We had family photos done. December birthdays were celebrated. We watched my dad perform in a play. My parents living room was FULL of presents on Christmas morning. I mean full enough that there wasn't really room to sit in the room to open gifts.

Before Nathan came home he spent a week in Norfolk, VA looking at homes to purchase. We started the process of putting in an offer. We were hoping to close in a 60 day period. We left my parents in KS a little earlier than expected due to a winter storm. What should have taken us two days to travel to VT took us four days. We hit flooding in the midwest and a winter snowstorm in the northeast. We spent a couple of days with my in-laws and then we headed to Rhode Island. Nathan had to report for OIC/XO training in Newport. I was able to go with him. We stayed at the Navy Gateway Lodge. I was able to cook in a crockpot and use the common kitchen. Laundry was free. It was nice to spend a month with him even if it was in a hotel after he had been gone for almost 4 months. We did utilize the gym right across the street from the hotel to get a workout in. It was my second time running on a treadmill. The first time was at one of the hotels we stopped at during our 4 day driving trip. I had gotten so used to warm weather all the time but it was COLD in Rhode Island.

Over Martin Luther King weekend we drove down to Norfolk, VA to check out rentals. Sooo the offer we put in was approved it was the inspection where everything kind of came to a stop. There were some things that needed to be fixed with the house that we were hoping that the sellers would fix and they weren't interested. We reduced our offer so we could fix the things they didn't want to. In the end, they were not willing to negotiate on a lower price and they weren't willing to fix things so we withdrew. It was a bummer but that was that. Unfortunately, there was no time to put in an offer on a 2nd house because we wanted to be moved into the house before Nathan's report date in February. If we started the process again we weren't going to make that date. Hence research on rentals. While in the hotel I made calls to a dozen places and of those 4 I had appointments for viewing. We show up for the viewings and 2 realtors never showed up at all and one realtor was running 20 minutes late. We never signed an application. We did do some sightseeing while in Rhode Island. We recommend touring the mansions.

I found a specialist or natural/functional medicine doctor that specializes in assisting patients with thyroid diseases. This particular specialist had Graves Disease himself and is in remission. I have been following and finding so many folks through the autoimmune paleo diet. One can find more specialists to help those with Hashimoto's but finding someone that helps those with Graves' Disease seems to be a little harder. I was thrilled when I found this specialist and filled out a patient application as soon as I spoke with Nathan. Once my application was approved there was a series of medical history type forms. I was approved by the doctor to go through his thyroid program. I had my first consultation while staying in the hotel in Rhode Island. An added bonus to being under the care of this specialist, remote care!

End of January we fill out a rental application for a place unseen. There was a link online to view photos, it was close to work for Nathan to bike during the warmer days and it looked in good shape. Our application was approved! We stayed with Nathan's parents for the last week of January until everything was finalized with the application process and to pick up Angel. Angel stayed in Vermont while we were in Rhode Island because dogs aren't allowed at the Navy Lodge.

February we drive down to Norfolk, VA, pick up the keys, check out the rental, schedule household goods delivery, cable setup, gas, electricity, water, sewer, and trash. We had almost everything unpacked by the time Nathan needed to report into the new command. Mid-February Nathan has Change of Charge Ceremony. It was my first Change of Command/Change of Charge Ceremony. It was very nice and if you have an opportunity to go to one or if you receive an invite I recommend it.

End of February I have a new primary care doctor. I am working on the side for a military spouse entrepreneur. I am hoping to work with her on campaign marketing or processing e-newsletters for both her and her clients.

March I dig into putting together plans for Nathan's surprise 40th! I am also late in getting MSBA and MSBAcademy kicked off for the 2016 year. I think it will be a relatively quiet year.

April is finalizing the plans for Nathan's party. I am grateful for my in-laws and all the help they gave me in the last two weeks. I did forget some things and they not only covered me but they helped run some errands that I realized I couldn't do.