Sunday, December 13, 2015

One Week.....

Until the end of deployment, hopefully!

Back on November 6th I was finally able to get into the laboratory to have another round of tests done.  It meant a near two hour drive up to Fort Leavenworth to have bloodwork done at an approved MTF (Military Treatment Facility).  *Side note to come back to: Tricare Prime when you temporarily live in a remote area may not be the best idea.

My brother Kevin who is totally Awesome made the drive up there with me in case I got lost and for support!  He had the afternoon off from classes that Friday.  On our way up there I learned that he had been up to the base before to play golf.  It turned out great that he came with me because there was road construction at the main gate of base and the gate that I thought that I could use to get on base I couldn’t.  Kevin knew which gate to go into.

After bloodwork I took him to the commissary with me.  The commissary carried Pumpkin Spice pop tarts and he stopped momentarily when he saw them.  I picked up a box and put them in the cart.  Kevin is a pumpkin spice freak.

After the commissary we walked through the Exchange.  He was impressed with all the stuff that they carry.  Kind of like Walmart only nicer; his words.  Our last stop on base was to fill up Nathan's truck with gas.  Gas was under $2 and after coming from the West Coast I just couldn't help but fill up the truck for that price.

Results came in the following week:
Tapazole reduced to 2.5mg on Sept. 16th
Diet, 5mg tapazole and cod liver oil pill (started August 10th)
Diet only but 5mg tapazole restarted on July 24th
Diet only
Stopped pills March 18th and started diet March 1st
10mg tapazole
10mg tapazole
less than .005
Started 10mg tapazole December 18th
less than .005

The last couple of weeks have been rough.  There were some issues with both of our homes.  Things that needed to be repaired, replaced and of course paid for.  Nothing too horrible to be honest but it made me realize that we will need to adjust verbiage in both leases when our current tenants move out.

It rained here for a couple of days in Kansas which was much needed however one night all the rain froze because the temperature dropped.  That following morning I had to get the truck down to Firestone to check and see what was going on with the maintenance/check engine light.  It had been on for the last week or so.  Anyway I turned onto a road and did a 360 in the truck.  I am fine.  I was just shaken up by the incident.

When I took Nathan’s truck down to Firestone it was determined that the oxygen sensor needed to be replaced.  The tech was great and answered my questions.  I was a little surprised though that the part was going to cost over $300 to replace.  The very next day I brought the truck back in to Firestone however I waited until the afternoon in case there was additional ice.  The part was replaced in an hour.

Nathan hasn’t received tickets for his flight to Kansas yet and unfortunately tickets may not be received until a day or two before he is scheduled to fly.

I burned my parents’ kitchen counter-top and somehow caused a bow in the oven door!  Yup my parents are going to be thrilled when I leave!  So I was cooking boxed Au gratin potatoes and put them in an aluminum pan.  As I was putting the pan in the oven I spilled half of it; on the oven door, on the floor and in the oven.  I was a little surprised the pan couldn’t stand up with all that liquid.  Note to self, next time put the aluminum pan on a cookie sheet.  This spill is what lead me to disassemble the oven door and clean it out.  Apparently when I put it back together it didn’t align appropriately and was causing a bow.  It took three people to fix it; myself, my brother David and my dad.

The burning of the kitchen counter-top was from cooking my morning breakfast.  I fried my plantains.  Went to put the pan in the sink but got sidetracked by something else that morning, I can’t remember now, and placed the pan on the counter-top without putting an oven mitt down first.  When I went back to clean the pan and lifted it off the counter not only did it burn it but the laminate had bubbled.  I tried to glue it and fix it before my dad got home but I was unsuccessful.  When my dad got home we rigged a weight and glued it.

How was your fall?!