Thursday, September 10, 2015

6 Weeks Into the New Tapazole Perscription

I know I posted in July about results for my Thyroid since I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease.  I thought about going back and updating that post but I wanted to do a whole new post, keep the old numbers and put in the new ones.

Date Thyrotropin Thyroxine Notes
4-Sep-15 2.76 0.723 Diet, 5mg tapazole and cod liver oil pill (started August 10th)
17-Jul-15 0.007  1.720  Diet only but 5mg tapazole restarted on July 24th
6-May-15 0.018 1.980 Diet only
30-Mar-15 0.05 1.460 Stopped pills March 18th and started diet March 1st
13-Feb-15 0.013 0.970  10mg tapazole
26-Jan-15 0.007 1.120 10mg tapazole
17-Dec-14 less than .005 1.870 Started 10mg tapazole December 18th
7-Nov-14 less than .005 1.930  

The ranges that are "normal":
Thyrotropin: 0.27-4.20
Thyroxine: 0.890-1.760

As you can see from the latest numbers my Thyrotropin is ACTUALLY IN NORMAL.  It hasn't been normal since back in 2009/2010 was the last time I think it was checked.  I have to tell you how surprised I am because we have been under a lot of stress.

I think there are three things that have made a HUGE impact; the AIP diet of course.  I do have a cheat meal once a month.  The cod liver oil pill.  Meditating at least twice a day.  I am using free apps like Happify and Headspace.

Also I just got these results in online today.  I did call my endocrinologist to figure out what the next step is, if there is one or to just stay on this path, but he is on vacation.  I will call back on Monday to followup.

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