Monday, August 10, 2015

San Diego Zoo

Monday August 3rd Nathan actually had the day off.  The day off was due to the fact that they were heading out to sea for the rest of the week.  We thought that it would be nice to spend the morning at the zoo.  The hope was that more kids would be back in school and therefore be less crowded.

The zoo isn't really that big.  Well I guess I say that because I was comparing it to Disneyland and all the walking we did there.  Yes there was a significant amount of walking from one exhibit to the next but we didn't think it was bad.  It was mostly hills so it can tire you out a little faster.  We did have sunhats, a frozen bottle of water, snacks and sunscreen with us.  There was no baggage check like in Disneyland.

Here is a map of the San Diego Zoo.


Hippo under water
Nathan taking a photo of one of the Pandas
Another Panda
Nathan posing with a Panda
Nathan taking a picture of a Hippo
Nathan reading an exhibit sign
A Gorilla resting
Secretarial Bird
A Bald Eagle
Maned Wolf

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