Monday, August 17, 2015

Bowling Retry

My Samsung Intensity III died 2 days before the end of our Disneyland trip.  I lost all the videos and pictures that I took.  We tried everything when we got back home to pull that data from the phone including switching the motherboard from the Samsung Intensity II I saved.  Some of the pictures that I lost are from bowling at the mall in Anaheim.  Nathan kicked my butt!  It was super hot here this weekend and on Sunday the 16th we thought we would head out and find some AC.  Bowling came to mind and a possible chance to try and redeem myself from our Anaheim trip.

The first game Nathan kicked my butt.  I don't even have photos of proof of that game.  The last two games I overcame my slump and beat Nathan.  Yes I am gloating a little!  I got action shots of Nathan for both games with the scores.

Game 2:

Just in case you can't see that last photo Rikki 114, Nathan 103

Game 3:

Rikki 143, Nathan 93.

I wonder if Nathan will find it funny that I seriously had to do a blog post on my bowling scores :)

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