Sunday, August 09, 2015

36 and 2015 Vacation Continued

We spent a FANTASTIC four days in Anaheim, CA!  We left early in the morning on the 26th and made it to Disneyland about 45 minutes before the parks opened.  It was a good thing because we initially pulled into the Disneyland Resort parking lot.  We had to turn around and head back to get to the Theme Parks parking lot.

When parking at the Disneyland Theme Parks Parking Lot keep in mind that you have to take the tram to get to the gate.  If you arrive early you can grab something to eat or browse around in Downtown Disneyland as the tram drops folks off right there.

Hubby and I got through the baggage check and when we went through the gate our e-tickets were turned into passes.  Passes are used to get through the gates every day or every time you enter the theme parks.  You don't need the pass for Downtown Disneyland but you do need them for California Adventureland and Disneyland.

As soon as we get through the gate hubby wants to head to City Hall in Disneyland.  If you don't know, and I didn't, that City Hall will provide a button to anyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary.  The gentleman wrote my name on a Birthday button and said to wear it for the day.  Hubby put the button on and for the entire day I heard "Happy Birthday" from the staff, cast and crew.  Now I am not one to broadcast on or before my birthday, when or that it is my birthday.  But it was very cool to hear the staff, cast and crew say "Happy Birthday"!
Castle - 60th Anniversary - Diamond
Selfie in front of the castle
Selfie at It's A Small World

Showing off in Toontown - maybe

We were in the park from opening until noon or 1pm.  We headed to the hotel in hopes that our room would be ready early so that we could take a much needed nap after being up at 4:00am.  Well I was up at 4am.  Hubby slept in until 4:30 or 4:45.  Anyway when we checked in our room was ready early.  WOOHOO!!  By the way we definitely recommend staying at Best Western PLUS Stovall's  Inn!  It is right across the street from the park and a fifteen minute walk through Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.  Not only that but you can get a voucher for this hotel through MWR/ITT and spend about $90 to $92 a day.  You should make a reservation at the hotel first, write down the confirmation number and then head to MWR/ITT.  I recommend when you head to MWR/ITT for the voucher that you bring the confirmation e-mail.  They will want additional information from that.  The hotel had complimentary breakfast to which I was pleased with considering an AIP/Paleo diet.  Eggs and bacon or sausage was served every morning.

Naps and showers after a nap.  It was rather warm, in the upper 80's and the sun came out first thing that first morning.  We had dinner reservations at Steakhouse 55 for my birthday.  We got dressed up and headed out a little early.  We walked to dinner through some of Downtown Disneyland.  We gawked at the various Disneyland Resorts.  We walked through the rose garden, stopped at a hidden geyser, and sat outside Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar on the comfy couches by the firepit for a couple of minutes before heading to the restaurant.
Before we left for dinner
In front of a geyser

Dinner at the restaurant was wonderful.  When we called to make a reservation we let them know ahead of time that we were celebrating a birthday.  Dinner was very good!  I want to say a handmade lemon butter with a little sprig or a couple of leaves of fresh thyme.  A warm and wonderful crusty sourdough bread (okay now we are getting into a treat and not Paleo approved items).  I ordered a steak well done and a side of green beans.  Hubby ordered their special, if I remember correctly, which came with a dessert.  The restaurant had a special dessert for folks celebrating their birthday and yes Nathan had put my birthday button back on.  Birthday dessert was in the shape of Mickey Mouse it was a chocolate mousse with chocolate wafer mouse ears.  Very yummy!

After dessert we headed back to the park.  Yes all dressed up.  We arrived in time for the electric light parade but we could watch part of the parade while standing in line for the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.  After the game we headed to see the fireworks.  It was the best fireworks show either one of us had ever seen.  After the fireworks we walked back to the hotel.  A wonderful birthday!

Monday was the same routine almost except we went to California Adventureland that day.  Dinner in the evening was a Coco's Bakery which is right next to our hotel.  We saw World of Color that evening and as we left California Adventureland, we sat outside the gate to catch the fireworks show from Disneyland Park.
Bug's Life - Grizzly Peak

Tuesday we didn't go to the theme parks.  We lounged at the pool at the hotel in the morning and then we headed down to Anaheim Garden Walk (a small mall).  We caught an early afternoon movie, Ant-Man, and then played 4 games of bowling.  Nathan kicked my butt on all 4 games.  We had lunch/supper at Cheesecake Factory.
Lounging at the hotel pool after some laps

Wednesday we spent time at each park again for our last day.  We caught the Fantasmic show the last evening.
Photo by the Grizzly River Rapids
Photo while one of the rafts was coming down a hill - Grizzly River Rapids

Thursday we were headed back home.  We slept in a little and then went down to get breakfast.  In the afternoon we stopped at M&M Donuts for "lunch" for the ride home.

It was a really wonderful vacation!

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