Friday, July 24, 2015

2nd One Month Separation

and new endocrinologist.

The last two and a half weeks I kept myself pretty busy.  I managed to get a significant amount of work done for MSBAcademy so that we are pushing in the right direction and look a little more organized.  The website is looking great!  I managed to get it up to date with the current MSBA members.  I made some changes to the MSBA website and started to work on the landing page so that once we make an official announcement I can just make the landing page public.  I still haven't found a template quite yet that I like and that doesn't cost a ton but the content and images are all there.

The weekend before Nathan came home I also volunteered for the day at the Imperial Beach Sun and Sea Festival.  Unfortunately I forgot my cell phone that day, so I didn't get any pictures.  I volunteered about 12.5 hours that day and it was interesting.  From what I was told it was the first time that it rained for the festival.  Which meant not as much traffic and less monies made by the vendors.  I did get a free t-shirt for volunteering and a very pretty lei (plastic in nature).

The new endocrinologist was nice.  He actually talked to me like a human being and didn't look at me as just stats and numbers.  I also learned some new things and asked some questions.  I am happy with this so far.  The recommendation was to go back on the pills.  Right after visiting with the endocrinologist I headed towards home and stopped at my MTF for blood work and to pick up the pills, tapazole (generic name) or methimazole.  He wrote the prescription for the 10mg pills but didn't want me to take them until the blood test results came in and I called him.  It won't be until next week now since it is Friday.  It takes a couple of days for the results to get to the specialist.  I unfortunately learned that my MTF pharmacy doesn't carry the prescription at all so the following week I had to head back up to the hospital to pick the pills up.  Which was annoying but doable.

Blood test results came in and the endocrinologist wants me to take only half a pill or 5mg.  This thrilled me!  I think a great compromise!  I am keeping with the auto-immune protocol.  I allow myself a splurge when Nathan comes home from being out at sea and for my birthday.    Anyway I wanted to provide you some background on what my blood work has been since November 2014.

Date Thyrotropin Thyroxine Notes
17-Jul-15 0.007  1.720  Diet only but 5mg tapazole restarted on July 24th
6-May-15 0.018 1.980 Diet only
30-Mar-15 0.050 1.460 Stopped pills March 18th and started diet March 1st
13-Feb-15 0.013 0.970  10mg tapazole
26-Jan-15 0.007 1.120 10mg tapazole
17-Dec-14 less than .0051.870 Started 10mg tapazole December 18th
7-Nov-14 less than .0051.930

The ranges that are "normal":
Thyrotropin: 0.27-4.20
Thyroxine: 0.890-1.760

Nathan is home!
Happy to see me but looking for his truck.  He was carrying a big sea bag.

We are now going to enjoy some vacation time.  Thursday we spent the day on the Carrier.  It was Family and Friends Cruise day aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.  We were up and out of the house before sunrise in the morning.  Made it on to the Carrier and prepared for a day of events out at sea.  It was a great day and in the end was happy that I did decide to go.  I was worried that I was going to be in the way or interrupt Nathan's job but that wasn't an issue.  In total between crew and guests there were about 8700+ people on board for the day.
Baby Hornets and Super Hornets parked on the Flight Deck

Bleachers on the flight deck for the airshow

Learning about Baby Hornets and Super Hornets

I think hubby took this because he liked my blowing hair and nametag.

Hubby and I on the flight deck

Almost airshow time

At the end of the Carrier

All the people and portapotties for the airshow

Hubby caught me raiding his snacks

Nathan took me around the carrier to see his office, the foc'sle, workout rooms, mess facilities or galleys, wardroom, ship store, ship exchange, ship post office, hangar bay, flight deck, museum or room that had history of Former President Ronald Reagan, catapults, Captain's Bridge, Flight control, flag bridge, flight deck control, Nathan's stateroom, Nathan's office, medical, dental and so much more.

On Friday morning we went kayaking again.  This time we explored the other direction of the bay or headed towards the Coronado Bridge.
View of Coronado Bridge
Pelicans by Navy campground
More pelicans
Selfie with the Coronado Bridge behind us

More excitement next week when we head to Anaheim, CA.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Another One Month Out At Sea

Nathan came home on May 28th from the 1st one month out at sea.
My plan was to head up to the base early to watch the carrier pull in but I was running behind and slow that morning.  I packed a picnic lunch because even though he was home he did not have liberty leave.  He had to head to training up at Point Loma.  I sure as heck wasn't going to not spend time with him so I went to training with him.  Well more like I headed to Point Loma with him and went exploring while he went to work in a secure facility.  We had lunch at Cabrillo National Monument before we dropped him off at work.

While he was home for most of June we went exploring/adventuring.  We both took part in Relay For Life representing a team on the East Coast.  We walked 17 miles that night.  We went kayaking in the Bay.  We went to a Lt. Dan Band concert at Hotel Del.  We spent a morning on the beach where we saw gold sand.  I had never seen gold sand before.  But maybe it wasn't gold and it was just minerals?!
"Gold" Sand
Kayaking in The Bay
Jellyfish while kayaking

Relay For Life - Start

Relay For Life - View of The Bay at start
Relay For Life - Hotel Del Coronado
Relay For Life - Coronado Bridge

Lt. Dan Band
Lt. Dan Band

The end of June quickly approached and Nathan is back out at sea again.

I have been plenty busy since he left.  I tried while he was home to talk with the endocrinologist about having more blood work done.  I tried for three days to get the appointment line but was always sent to voicemail.  I left messages but my calls weren't returned.  I wasn't thrilled with the RN anyway and Nathan even said call TriCare and get a new specialist.  So that is what I did.  However TriCare doesn't do it, it had to come from my Primary Care doctor.  I called and left a message with the nurses for a new referral.  Long story short I have a new endocrinologist who I see on the 17th. The not so great news is that it is still up at Balboa which means I still have to call the same appointment line.  I will be making mention of this at the appointment on the 17th.

I have been working on MSBA and MSBAcademy.  Lots of odd and ends, networking and trying to find some funding.  You wouldn't happen to know of an organization or person who wants to support an organization that provides online educational awareness and tools to Military, Veteran and their spouses interested in entrepreneurship?!  MSBA is a 501(c)6 and MSBAcademy is a 501(c)3.  I would appreciate a connection.

I took Angel in this morning for rabies and heartworm test.  She was actually due in April.  Not good that I didn't put it in my calendar but Thank Goodness for e-mails from the last vet in Manassas, VA for the reminder!

I am hopeful that the next two and a half weeks will go by quickly.