Saturday, May 09, 2015

11 Days Through the 1st Full Month of Sea Trials

I dropped Nathan off at the ship on the evening of the 28th.  I was kind of excited to do this, yeah I know that sounds strange BUT I haven't dropped Nathan off at a carrier, frigate or submarine before.  It has always been an airport both on base and civilian.  The airports are hectic.  Drop him off at the drop off point and leave.  Always in a hurry with a rushed goodbye because there are so many other people being dropped off or picked up.  I was looking forward to a decent goodbye without the rush.  I was sadly mistaken.  It is just as crazy at the carrier.  Expectations Crushed!

Around the 1st of the new month he mentioned that the carrier would be back in port for a little over a day, early in the next week, and that he might be able to get off.  Okay I am thinking, sure, that costs money so for the one month the carrier is supposed to be out at sea, why would they come back to port for a day?!  I was wrong!  I barely finished a workout on Monday when he called and left a message that he was in port and had liberty leave.  No shower, no post workout cool down and I left to go get him.  I even forgot to stop my Fitbit Charge HR after completing the workout.

He was home for 17 hours.  Talk about confusing both emotionally and mentally.  I didn't know whether to stay disconnected because he is leaving early in the morning or to only connect slightly.  It went okay though and it was nice to have him home because it would be a month before he comes back again.  So I dropped him off at the ship and this time without the rush.  Imagine that!  I was able to snap a picture of him walking to the carrier.

He is back out at sea and I am keeping busy; volunteering with the non-profits, cleaning and organizing (hopefully for a partial move in August) and going in for a check-up on my thyroid.

Yes, now on to the thyroid update.  I called to schedule a follow-up but when I did that there were no notes that I was due for an in visit follow-up.  That afternoon the Nurse Practitioner called me and asked how I was doing.  I told her I am taking a nap every day but otherwise doing good.  She wanted to know if I was still taking the medication.  I hesitated before telling her no but she didn't get upset.  She wanted to know when I stopped taking the pills.  I gave her that date.  She said that was okay as long my last blood work looked better than the previous two blood tests.  She said as long as I wasn't experiencing any heart palpitations that was okay.  She noted that the last blood work check was March 30th and since it had been 5 weeks it was time for another check.  Okay I am excited to see what my blood results look like now.  She wanted me in for blood work the following day.  So I did do that.  I won't know the results until Monday when I call the Nurse Practitioner again.  My high expectation is that my blood work looks good and that I won't need blood work for a while.  We will see.  I am really interested to see how the AIP and low FODMAP diet are working now.

I will keep you posted!