Wednesday, April 29, 2015

132 Days Since Diagnosis

....and I have learned that I may have IBS.  At least I have learned that the things that I found that I have a sensitivity to are IBS related.  A list of things that I have learned are not okay to eat right now:

  1. Brown sugar and/or molasses from homemade water kefir
  2. Broccoli sprouts learned from placing these in an AIP wrap
  3. Cabbage and/or Cauliflower learned from an AIP stuffed cabbage rolls meal
  4. Mango, onion and/or avocado from AIP coconut crusted cod with mango salsa.
  5. Apple chips
When doing research on anything that related all of these meals/ingredients I found that these are all high FODMAP items.  This article explains FODMAP and foods to avoid.  Something I learned in my research of FODMAP, is that the list changes of what is low, high and moderate.  I haven't found a direct source/organization/person responsible for determining what is put where on the list.  If you find a source will you please comment and let me know?!

So I am now on an AIP low FODMAP diet.  I will try this for the next month and keep you posted.

April 20th I had a cheat night.  Hubby's birthday so I made a strawberry cake with homemade buttercream frosting.  The meal itself wasn't bad it was actually an AIP approved version of chicken and dumplings.  The next day though I was right back on AIP.

I did go to the allergist.  I discussed with the doctor why I was in to see him and talked about my diagnosis of Graves Disease.  The allergist believes that I may have had a viral infection which may have triggered the immune system to attack my thyroid.  I asked about a diet change and he didn't believe a diet change was necessary.  He asked about eczema and I told him I was literally born with it and I have an occasional flare during the winter time, this depends on where we live.  He mentioned to remember to moisturize during the winter and I told him I do.  He then discussed how folks with eczema are likely to have a sensitivity to cows milk, eggs and/or wheat gluten.

I learned in the last year or two that eczema is an autoimmune disease but I didn't think it made sense because the only time I break out with that now is during the winter.  How could one only be allergic to something during the winter time?!  I didn't know what I could possibly be allergic to and I didn't know that there were studies that mentioned what the possibly sensitivities were.  I was grateful that the allergist could help there.

My appointment with the allergist was just a consultation per say as there were no test done.  He did say to me that he could schedule some tests but I decided to not do that since I was on an AIP diet and already eliminating the possible triggers.

Now I need to work on helping my gut.  More research on probiotics since I can't do the water kefir with brown sugar and molasses, led to coconut milk kefir.  I think I am going to try this.  I am also still eating/drinking the homemade bone broth and gelatin gummies.  Another thing to try is meditation to help with stress.