Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Kansas to San Diego

I wrote about the first half of my stay with my parents in Kansas.  I wanted to post about the rest of my stay and the move to San Diego.

  1. Three words - Steely Dan Concert - The weekend after Katy left, dad, mom, Kevin and myself went to a Steely Dan Concert.  It was pretty cool!!  My first official big concert.  If you didn't know already I am named after a Steely Dan song, Rikki Don't Loose That Number.  That was the fourth song played at the concert.
  2. Celebrated my 35 birthday with my family.  Have you ever heard the Tyner family sing Happy Birthday?!  Well you are missing something special.  I think my parents entire neighborhood community could hear it was my birthday.  It was Awesome!
  3. July 29th Kelli, Kristi and I went out to look at more bridesmaids dresses.  This time we drove to some other smaller bridal shops.
  4. The first full week in August was a big one.  The end of my time in Kansas and preparing for our trip.  I am SOO grateful that my parents and my brother, Kevin, were going to fly out to San Diego with me.  This would be the first time my parents would experience the military move.
On the night of August 8th mom helped me put on half my Transderm-scop patch.  You aren't supposed to cut the patches in half and put them on, however I cut away half of the protected backing and then put the patch on.  I had mom put a bandaid over the patch to make sure it didn't move or fall off at night.  The morning of the 9th I put an earplug in the left ear.  I did some more research and found that sometimes an ear plug helps with motion/travel sickness.

I did do okay on the first flight which was 2.5 hours.  The second 50 minute flight didn't go so well.  I am not sure if that is because the body didn't have time to adjust with the altitude.  As soon as we reach altitude we were coming back down.  I almost threw up after that flight but managed to take some deep breathes once we landed.  Also having Angel in carry-on was a big help in distracting me from the queasiness.  I was worried about her being in the kennel for half a day and needing to get her out to the bathroom.

Viewing places to live....Can I just say how crazy it is here in San Diego.  Homes, apartments and condos go so quickly.  Trying to look at something months in advance and thinking it will still be on the market when you get here is pointless.  I recommend looking a month in advance so you have an idea of what places are like, sq. ft., etc.  Coronado is expensive.  Like $3k+ expensive.  For Nathan and I with two mortgages this just wasn't feasible.  We needed to make sure that we could pay for the mortgage of both homes if we happen to not have tenants at either place.  We are lucky right now in that the rent price the current tenants are paying does cover mortgage.

I looked at places over 5 days.  During this time we were in a hotel not too far from the airport for a week.  We stayed at an Extended Stay America and got a better rate for staying for a week vs. staying days.  That is another thing.  If you have pets and are PCSing to this area the only Navy Lodge that allows pets is the one on Naval Base San Diego.  I called to make a reservation and let them know we were PCSing.  We were put on a wait list.  The day before we flew out they called me to confirm my check-in.  I cancelled the "non-reservation" because I couldn't afford to wait until check-in time to confirm whether or not we would be able to stay.  Because I cancelled the reservation we didn't receive a voucher or reimbursement for the hotel.  I was told when I initially called that if the Navy Lodge didn't have room we would be given a voucher or reimbursement for staying a hotel in town.

Back to looking at places to live.  Over the 5 days I looked at three homes.  One home is part of a duplex but has a garage.  I also looked at two condos.  We had an appointment for a third condo but the realtor didn't show.  While we were outside waiting I called her to find out what I did wrong.  I thought I might have written done the wrong day or time.  She repeatedly told me that she tried to call me but couldn't get a hold of anyone.  I mention that was strange because I have been hearing from other property managers and realtors.  She then reads to me the phone number she wrote down for me.  Yes she wrote it down incorrectly and then she apologized profusely.

We are settled down in San Diego county not in San Diego itself.  Our application was approved for the house that is part of a duplex.  We are paying what I would expect, close to a monthly mortgage for one of our homes.  We use half of Nathan's monthly BAH for rent, and we are able to pay our utilities, monthly groceries and save some of the other half.

The weather here is interesting.  Since I arrived it has been hot.  Like 80 to 100 degrees hot.  There aren't any all day cloudy days.  There hasn't been any rain.  We have had two drizzley early mornings but that water didn't amount to anything nor got the road wet.  I venture out for a walk on the bike trail with Angel first thing in the morning.  Or I guess I should say before 8am.  There is no AC so we run fans often.  I would like to know when the temperature drops to the mid 70's every day?!  This weekend we are in a heat advisory and it is only Wednesday.

I love the smell of the ocean all day!  That will never get old.

A huge Thank You to my parents and Kevin!  They went and looked at every place with me, took me to Nathan's homecoming and they helped us move in.  It has been strange to adjust to not going out with the siblings or having an event to go to.  Much Love <3 p="">