Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Settled In Kansas

A quick catch-up from the last post.

  1. Nathan and I saw as many folks as we could before we left NoVA. This included a farewell lunch with Nathan's coworkers.
  2. We approved the first tenants for the house. They were due to move in on June 1st. They signed a 2 year lease :)
  3. The last of the essentials were packed when the U-Pack cubes arrived, before the holiday weekend, and then they were picked up after the holiday.
  4. We spent two nights on an air mattress which wasn't bad. We left NoVA early in the morning
    to head to Boston. The drive actually wasn't horrible this time.  New York and Connecticut traffic is the worst and it really what makes the drive from the south to the north frustrating.  However, we drove over the George Washington Bridge in New York and then got off 95. It was a nicer ride and we were definitely less stressed. We only spent a couple of days in Boston and then headed for Vermont. We spent the weekend in Vermont before we headed toward Kansas.  We took a mini vacation to spend some family time together before we had to say goodbye to Nathan in Kansas.  The first stop in our trip was Niagara Falls, NY. Yes ladies and gentlemen for the first time we weren't driving straight for 18 or even 24 hours to get to Kansas. This was the first time either of us would see the falls. After driving 8 hours it was really nice to get out of the truck and walk around. Great for Miss Angel too because yes, dogs are allowed on the walking trails around the falls. They are unable to enter any buildings or to take the boat tour but we had a wonderful time just walking the trails. The second stop in our trip was to Indianapolis, IN. We didn't see anything while we were there but it was nice to get off the road before rush hour. That evening Nathan gave me my Birversary (Birthday and Anniversary) gift; a Fitbit Flex, gift card to Olive Card, a collage of photos of our family and a wonderful card.  I might be a little spoiled :) We arrived in Kansas on the third day. Nathan stayed for a couple of days before heading to San Diego, to arrive in California before the end of the weekend.
  5. Angel and I settled into a routine.  We are walking at least every other day.  We walk just my parents neighborhood.  It is a little over two miles which isn't bad.  Angel loves chasing rabbits and squirrels.  I am working out on the days I am not taking Angel for a walk.  My wonderful sister Kandi spoiled me for an important day by doing my make-up for me.  My other wonderful sister Kristi spent the morning with me taking some professional head shots.  I now have some really great photos that I can use when I am networking.  HUGE!!  I would talk about some of the interesting head shots that I have had done but that would be another blog post on its own.  About mid-June I sprained the left ankle.  Walking for a couple of days was hard.  The day after I rolled it I thought I might need to go to the doctor but I talked to nurse Kelli (my sister) and did some research online and was sure it wasn't broken.  The nasty thing is it might take about 4 months to heal completely.
  6. Family time has been important.  The 4th of July weekend was busy but Awesome!  We July 3rd we spent at Kristi's house to also celebrate her fiance's birthday.  Fireworks at their house in the evening.  On the 4th I went to Kelli's so we could head to Chris' relatives for celebration and BBQ there.  Katy came out for a week and we spent lots of family time together.  We went zip lining one day.  That was cool!  We also did a little wedding planning and shopping.  Kristi will be getting married and since all the siblings were together we thought it was best to get a jump start on the planning.  We aren't all together very often.
  7. Everything is going well in Kansas.  Some interesting thunderstorms here!  Nathan is e-mailing every day.  The family is keeping me busy with extra curricular activities and events.  But so far things are good.  I am dealing with this separation much better than our first 6 month deployment.
I will update again when we are settled in California.