Friday, May 09, 2014

2.5 Weeks.....

And then we are out!  Good-bye Virginia, again!  It is time and I am so ready.  Two and a half years in NoVA and I have realized I am not a city girl anymore.  The traffic here is crazy.  By here I mean DC and DC metro area.  Look for yourself:  DC is tenth for the worst traffic/gridlock in the US.  Sad!  The traffic has made me become a bigger hermit than I already am.

This will be our first DITY move.  We have always done a partial DITY but this year we are doing it ourselves.  I have already starting packing.  Things that we don't use regularly or can live without are boxed.  The last two weekends we had yard sales to down size and get rid of things we don't NEED.  That included the tools we bought for use on DIY renovations here in the house.  We hopefully won't be doing any major house repair projects until Nathan's retired from the military.  Oh yeah, that is in 5 years, WOOHOO!!  Anyway we are very happy with what we sold and how much we made.

This week has been hectic with showings of the house.  Yes, it is for rent.  Not planning to sell yet.  Monday thru Wednesday we had 3 to 4 appointments a day.  We didn't have anything yesterday and one drop-in today.  For the last month we have been averaging about 2 knocks on the door a day for those that are inquiring.  That is one of the advantages to living on a major route; lots of opportunities for word of mouth and those passing by.  I would be happy with a signed application for our first tenants before we move.  The house in CA it was 2 months after we moved before the first tenants moved in.

Nathan will be "underway" as soon as he reports in to San Diego.  Because of that my parents are AWESOME and are allowing Angel and I to stay with them for a while.  I wasn't sure I wanted to move to a new location, look for housing and get us moved in all by myself.  I also think I could use a little bit of an emotional and mental break.  5 years renovating 2 homes and I need to find another new normal routine.  I have closed my business, AIOD and I need to figure out what I am going to do with myself for the next 5 years until Nathan retires.  You know that whole, what do I want to be when I grow up?!  Yup, I still don't know.

I have started making plans for my stay with my parents.  I know I need to figure things out but I also want to have some fun and relax.  My sister Kristi has agreed to take some head shots of me.  Something that I can use for work and my volunteering.  My sister Katy will be coming out from Vermont so we can do some sibling visits; shopping, DUH, and some meals together.  My baby sister Kandi is running for Miss Kansas.  I want to learn more about that and see if I can offer any help.  Side Note - if you would like to donate to Kandi's fund to help her pay for fees and services you can do that here:  I would be appreciative!

That is about it for now.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all the AWESOME Military Spouses and Veteran Spouses out there!  You are some of the strongest and wisest people I have met and you are not Thanked enough, Thank You!  Thank You for being you and for doing what you do!

Also Happy National Nurses Week, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and Happy Early Mother's Day to all you SUPER MOMS!