Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Touring D.C.

We have been in the D.C. Metro area for a little over two years now.  We finally took some time to do some touring.  Nathan took a week off from work and his parents came down from Vermont for Cherry Blossom Festival.

Mother-in-law (MIL) and Father-in-law (FIL) arrived on Thursday April 3rd.  From the airport we headed straight to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum.  We walked around for an hour and half before taking a break for lunch.  We departed the Air and Space Museum after watching "Hidden Universe" at the IMAX and touring the Observation Tower.

Friday the 4th we packed a lunch and headed to Downtown D.C.  The hope was that some of the Cherry Blossoms would be out as there are trees here in Prince William County that are already bloomed.  Nathan drove to Hains Point in East Potomac Park and parked the truck.  Here is where we would start our walk for the day.

As we walked passed some of the Cherry Trees in East Potomac Park I took a picture of the flowers in the Penducle Elongation phase.  You can learn more about the phases of the buds/flowers here.

The first stop was the George Mason Memorial

The Saucer Magnolia trees around the memorial site are close to bloom as well. 

From there we headed to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.  We saw a newly married couple having their photos taken here.  You might be able to see them in the second photo below.

The next stop was Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.  There was a statue of his wife Eleanor, he with his dog Fala, I believe Social Security and Breadline during the Great Depression, and The Fireside Chats.

We then headed to the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial.

Next was the WWII Memorial.  This FAQ provides a wonderful explanation of the Baldacchino sculptures.  They are the first two photos pictures below.  The third photo is a view from the Pacific Baldacchino to the Atlantic.  The last photo explains the second to last photo.

At this point we decided to stop and break for lunch.  We found a nice picnic area near the Constitution Gardens Pond to sit down out of the wind and cold to eat.  We then headed to the Washington Monument however we realized it was still closed for repairs.

We decided to turn around at this point and head back to the truck.  On our way back we stopped at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

It was a really short walk to the Three Soldiers Memorial or Three Servicemen Statue.

Next stop was the Lincoln Memorial.  MIL and FIL at the bottom of the Lincoln Memorial looking towards the Washington Monument, MIL and FIL at the middle of the Memorial entrance and a picture of Nathan taking a picture of the Lincoln Statue.

The last stop the Korean War Veterans Memorial.  I think this is one of my favorite memorials.  It is the details of the faces that I think is what intrigues me.

Saturday the 5th we headed back into D.C. this time parking around Maryland Ave to head to some of the Museums.  The first stop and where most of the day was spent, was at the National Museum of American History.  I only took a couple of photos as there was so much to see.

The second stop was to the Smithsonian Castle.  This was really a stop for lunch at the cafe as we couldn't find information on what was in here other than shops.

Final destination for the day was the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Sunday the 6th we had more of a lazy day.  We went to the movies and saw Noah.  After the movie we headed to Manassas National Battlefield Park where we walked the Henry Hill Loop Trail.  In the evening MIL and FIL took us out to eat at Red Lobster and when we got home we had cake to celebrate Nathan's 38th Birthday a little early.

Monday the 7th MIL and FIL headed back home.