Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Completed Inside Renovations for the VA House....

Woot Woot!!  Seriously if you all could only see what I look like right now.  I am actually wearing jeans and a blouse.  My hair is half pulled back and I am blaring the music on my laptop.  Like this:
YES for the last 2 years and 3 months I have worn nothing but sweatpants with various paint stains, joint compound, dust of all kinds and even a little blood on them.  A running shirt complete with the same stains as my sweatpants and when my hair is long in a ponytail also with paint or dust in it or when it is short, down with paint or dust in it.  Like these:

So long story short I am feeling like a lady today :)

I wanted to share with you some photos of our room transformations.  Starting with the 2nd floor of the house.

Master Bedroom


Guest Bedroom

On to the 1st floor.


1st Bedroom

2nd Bedroom