Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things That Scientists/Researchers NEED To Find A Cure For

Cancer....That is a given.  I seem to know more people who lives have been impacted by cancer.  I also LOATH this word.  I really try not to say it at all if possible.  But really why hasn't a cure been found yet?!  This article was posted last month,  I like the idea of non-invasive tests to find out if someone has cancer.  There was also this article posted last year,  Why haven't we heard or seen more information/news about this?

Eczema.....I suffer from this.  I was born with it.  It is something that I don't understand.  The winters are horrible for me and apparently on the east coast in states Virginia and north, Nathan and I aren't going to be able to stay in/settle in during the winter.  My poor feet are breaking out for the third time this year.  This is the worst case I have had since I was young.  This winter has been so cold.  One of the worst supposedly in 30 years for Virginia.  Northern Virginia has seen almost 20 inches of snow this year alone.  Okay 18.7 inches to be exact,

You can find more information about eczema here,

Motion Sickness....This is something that I have always suffered with.  As far as I can remember anyway.  This and being a military family really don't mix because we move so often and we always spend a good amount of time in the vehicle or in a plane.  Only one of our moves was less than a 12 hour trip.  That was because we were being switched from military to privatized military housing.  Nathan and I have been from Vermont to Florida, Florida to Texas, Texas to Texas, Texas to Florida, Florida to Hawaii, Hawaii to Virginia, Virginia to California, California to Virginia and it looks like our next will be from Virginia to California.  When I was younger the Dramamine helped.  I have gotten older and Dramamine doesn't work anymore so I now use the skin patch.  The skin patch is getting to a point where it will only work if I have thrown up at least once before I put it on.  Yes I have tried Ginger.  Doesn't work.  I have tried Bonine.  Doesn't work either.  I have tried the wrist bands on pressure points but not by itself.  I usually use that in combination with something else.  I might go back to using non-drowsy Dramamine and see if that can do it.  Sorry that was a little rant but I would like to be able to fly or drive extended trips without being nauseous.

Hay Fever.....My husband tells me to stop squeaking my eyes.  That is what they do when I rub because they are itchy.  I also don't like that I have a hard time swallowing because of the way I breathe at night when my sinuses become blocked.

I know that the above things are selfish so tell me what are things that you would like to see a cure for?!