Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's November!

Okay technically it is Halloween but this year is flying by.  I am trying to think of all the crazy things that have happened.

  1. Boston Red Sox won the 2013 World Series yesterday.  Go Boston!
  2. Nathan and I have a new niece - Congrats Tobin and Xiaonan!
  3. Nathan completed his second Marine Corps Marathon.
  4. My kitchen is almost nearly half put back together.
  5. I have been washing dishes in the tub for the last month.
  6. The Board of Directors for the Military Spouse Business Association will be having their last meeting for the year in two weeks time.
  7. Winters Computing, Inc. has officially been closed :(  That was hard; admitting that your business idea/concept failed. But, there is a new venture underway.
  8. We planted our first real garden this year.  We were happy for the most part with the products.
  9. I got an opportunity to try canning myself for the first time.  Plenty of tomatoes.  The last time I canned something was when I was a teenager.  I helped mom and dad can the produce they got from a garden.
  10. Mom and dad bought me a food dehydrator for my birthday.  I was so excited to have a new kitchen gadget.
  11. Nathan bought me for my birthday a canning starter kit.  Another really awesome birthday gift.  Have I told you I love cooking and baking?!
  12. I have found a new "job".  More information about that when everything is settled.
  13. Nathan and I have been given notice that we are moving next June-ish.  We have been told the West Coast but this has changed three times.  This is also earlier than our projected October 2014 rotation date.  Lets say I am tweaking out a little bit - in terms of I am worried about turning this house around in time for the move.
  14. The new move will mean sea duty which will mean facing at least our second deployment.
  15. We completed renovating the den.  I am waiting to post these pictures because we are kind of extending the kitchen into that area.
  16. The upstairs of the house - 2 bedrooms and a bathroom - are renovated.  I have those pictures posted on Facebook.
  17. The winners of the 1st Annual Red, White & Blue Awards were announced.  I completely forgot to post an update about that!  You can view the video announcement the Board of Directors made on the MSBA website:
  18. My brother - the oldest of the three Tyner boys - got married in July.
  19. Nathan and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary - which just makes me feel older.
  20. The donuts I posted about back in April were good!  I haven't made another batch yet but I do have an excuse, my kitchen was demolished.
I think that is a good majority of the year in a quick recap.  I will probably come back and add more as I remember them.  How has your year been?