Monday, April 29, 2013


....I wonder if when hubby gets home tonight if he won't laugh at me.

It is raining today so that meant no working on outside projects.  Last spring we spent our time focusing on the overgrown hedges, all 7 trees on the property and needing a new roof so this year we are really working on the "curb appeal" and the lawn itself.  We have nearly finished with the new wood fence, pulling the weeds in the yard, creating a vegetable garden, grass/lawn care and working on renovating the back patio which we shrunk in size.

On these days when I am not working on house projects I try to unwind by cooking/baking.  I really don't like not being in the kitchen.  I almost feel lazy if I am not cooking and experimenting.  That is not the best description.  I think part of me knows that it is something that I am fairly good at and when you find a niche that gives a self-esteem boost you have a tendency to want to go back to it.  Maybe it is part of that old-wives tale (or maybe it isn't) about the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and hubby gives me regular compliments on meals.  If he likes what I cook and he is happy then I know I have his heart.  Of course I want to make him happy.  Now I am just writing on a tangent.

I have made donuts before.  Prepare the dough, roll it out, cut, and then fry them.  The first time this was hysterical because I didn't flour the board enough to roll them out and wasn't able to cut them properly which made for not so pretty looking donuts.  The second and third time I got better.  Hubby and I are really trying to eat "healthier".  I know you are thinking the same thing, donuts aren't healthy.  But after all the hard work we have been doing I thought a small treat would be nice.

Since I wanted to bake the donuts I needed to do a Google search for a DIY donut pan because I don't have one.  I found this and tried it,, but didn't like the end result.  I followed the second half of this idea but instead of the pre-template donut (from the paper towel wrapped in aluminum foil) I used a round cookie cutter I had.

The donuts didn't take long to bake at all. I am fairly certain I made mini-donuts.  This is what they look like after they have cooled and I coated them.

I will post an update to let you know how they tasted.  This was a buttermilk and half wheat flour based donut recipe.

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