Friday, January 04, 2013

Christmas in Vermont 2012

Christmas 2006 was the last time Nathan and I spent Christmas with our families.  This year we spent Christmas with Nathan's family and then spent the days in between Christmas and New Year's with my Nana, Uncle and Aunt in Boston.  In total we took about 12 days of leave for the holiday.  It was nice to be able to do that and to travel a short distance to see family without having to travel say.......1800+ miles to do it.

Our trip to Vermont was to celebrate a wedding and then Christmas with family.  On December 21st Nathan and I spent the night in White River Junction.  A college classmate of ours got married and we booked a hotel so we didn't have to drive back to Nathan's parents late at night and wake them up.

We had two Christmas celebrations while in Vermont.  We celebrated with Nathan's parents, siblings and their families on the 23rd.  On Christmas day we opened our stockings (yes we did travel from VA to VT with these but that fit in a fairly small box) in the morning and then we had prime rib for supper to celebrate with one of Donna's siblings and his wife, and with Nathan's Grandfather Safford.

Christmas Eve we spent with Nathan's parents and I cooked supper :p  We had salmon and cauliflower.  A little change from the homemade Italian gravy (this is homemade pasta sauce with meat for you non-Italians) and ravioli.

We left Vermont a day earlier than we planned due to a big snowstorm that was to hit the area.  We thought it was a better idea for us to make it to MA before the big storm hit to avoid unsafe road conditions and it has been a while since either one of us drove in snow.

When we arrived in Boston there were gifts waiting for us there.  We received some new sheets and Christmas tree ornaments.

While in Boston we didn't travel too much.  We went out with Auntie and Nana to help Nana run some errands one day.  On Saturday we went out to lunch with the Carson's, Auntie, Uncle, Nana and Ms. C.  I was able to help Nana do a little organizing and cleaning out.  We ended up with more than just Christmas gifts to come home with.

I think Nana is doing very well after two big operations in a year; triple bypass and stomach aneurysm fix.  She does get short of breath when she has climbed up and down the stairs a couple of times but once she catches her breath she seems okay.

I do have pictures from our trip on Facebook, if you would like to see those.  All in all it was a really nice trip and fun to be just a little spoiled.  A big Thank You to all of those who took care of while we visited!

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