Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Week In Review

both the good and bad highlights.
  1. Watching Nathan and Chris in the Marine Corps Marathon.
  2. Sitting through Hurricane Sandy.
  3. Cancelling an MSBA meeting.
  4. Chris making it home safely.
  5. Remembered my meeting this week with another military family organization (last week I forgot about it :( ).
  6. Waiting for the service tech.
  7. Installing the new refrigerator computer cap top myself.
  8. Service tech showed up three hours AFTER the scheduled four hour window.
  9. Service tech was appreciative I installed the new parts myself however,
  10. Service tech still needed to order a part as this part didn't fix the problem.
  11. Spending two hours in Prince William County Government Building getting zoning approval for a new fence on half the property.  We were almost told we couldn't due to FEMA regulations.
  12. Spent Saturday morning spackling all the holes in various rooms in the house.
  13. Husband calling me the "spackling queen."
  14. Receiving notice in the mail that 60 percent of a recommended dental procedure will be covered by our dental insurance.
  15. Leaving cute notes for hubby on the LCD display screen of our high tech refrigerator, all week.
  16. Hubby leaving return messages on our high tech refrigerator.
Yes, I realize that some of these bad things are minor in comparison to what Hurricane Sandy victims are going through but I wanted to write it down anyway.

How was your week?

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