Friday, September 28, 2012

Voting In My First Presidential Election

One week ago we received our absentee ballots.  Being a military family we don't currently reside in the state where we have permanent residency/consider our domicile/where we would like to retire to.  Because of the work I did with the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act, MSRRA (I am now able to declare a single state of residency without losing that residency because we moved/PCSed), I felt like I earned the right to vote.

Yesterday I put in the outgoing mail our absentee ballots.  I have now officially voted in my first Presidential Election :)  Yes, I was excited by this!

I did learn some interesting things though.

  1. I took voting very seriously; researching every person and issue. Side note: it required a dictionary and I really could have used a lawyer to assist with some of the language.
  2. It took me 5 days to do the required research and mark my circles.
  3. I felt so proud but that quickly wore off yesterday morning when I realized th
    e outcome of this vote will probably not match my ballot AND there is a chance my ballot may not be counted.
I also had some random thoughts throughout my 5 day exerience.
  1. Are ballots usually 4 pages long?
  2. I think lawyers should be available for free during elections to assist people with understanding any state amendments that you will vote on.
  3. Do people arrive at polling booths with a sample printed ballot already filled out?  I took 5 days and don't know how people vote in a couple of minutes.
I guess now I do what typical military families do and hurry up and wait.  It is another six weeks (+/-) until we all know the official results.

Happy voting!

If you are looking for more information about MSRRA you can read older posts in our blog or you can look ----->.  You will also find a link to the MSRRA Facebook Page.

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