Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Feeling Pretty Impressive

as a cook that is.

Yesterday instead of making my weekly loaf of bread I made bread dough in my machine.  For the first time I made rolls.  It required me to cut the dough into pieces and then shape them.  I did try to shape them so they would end up like an oval but that didn't work.  I "glazed" the rolls before I cooked them and they came out of the oven nice and golden.  They were finished just in time for dinner so hubby and I were able to have a warm one for supper.  I was impressed.  Hopefully this will change up lunch a little but over sliced bread.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE homemade bread.  Actually I haven't purchased a loaf of bread from the store in 4 years.  But having nothing but sliced bread for the last 4 years is getting old.  Every once in a while I want a roll for lunch and now I know I can cook them myself without burning them :)

Today I was feeling a little adventurous and made bagels.  The bread machine made dough for me.  I cut the dough into pieces, shaped them and then cut out the holes.  When I finished the 8 bagel shapes I covered them and filled a pot with water.  I let it come to a boil.  Once the water boiled the bagels cooked for 3 minutes.  I put the bagels on a pan and glazed them.  Half of the bagels were poppy seed and the other half were onion.  I removed them from the oven when they were golden.

I cooked the poppy seed bagels first so I had one of those for lunch.  Even though it was still warm I toasted it.  I wanted to test the "crunchiness" factor and make sure they could hold up to a toasting.  Oh My GOODNESS!!  I was really impressed and it was really good.

I sliced all the bagels and put them in a tupperware container.  I then put them in the freezer.  I did this to the rolls I cooked yesterday too.

Hubby got home late from work and had a bagel for supper.  I teased him a little too much in the e-mail I sent him earlier today.  "These are the best bagels I have every had!"  I was shocked, "really?"  "Yes they are nice and crunchy."  Well that is all I needed to hear.  Bagels were a hit and if hubby is happy then they are approved.

Just a little side note to toot my own horn, I was impressed with their shape!

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