Monday, March 12, 2012

One Year...

since he passed away.

This last week and a half has just been aweful! It probably didn't help that Papa's one year anniversary was last Monday and that already had me a little emotional.

My brother David has been sick for the last week. In and out of the hospital and doctor's office. For what started as a back ache that wasn't a kidney stone, to a congenital defect, to cancer, to it had to have been a kidney stone. WHAT?? I mean really! The five letter "c" word. The word I can't stand. The reason why my Papa isn't still here. ARRRGGGHHH!! But he finally got answers yesterday after yet another trip to the ER, he has a torn or pulled muscle. He has been doing P90X. He must of injured the muscle but thought that it would be okay and kept doing the P90X. Not a good idea. It has now lead him to rest, hydration and muscle relaxers. Oh and just for the fun of it his physician called mom this morning. She did a mono and strep test on David, Thursday or Friday, when he went in to see her. They came back negative but the doctor kept a sample to check for today. Sure enough he has strep. I mean seriously! What the heck else can the poor kid deal with at once?

Kandi was in the doctor's for a removal of a mole that didn't look good. We now wait for the results on that.

An electrician was called out to the house in CA.

I am stressing about money. Which is really ridiculous because it is not like Nathan and I aren't smart about it.

Mom hasn't been feeling well. She had tubes put in her ears due to the number of ear infections she has had lately.

Anyway I did take some time to help mom with something. She was looking for photos of Papa. I went through all the photos I have, which wasn't many. It actually helped me. Yeah it is still hard. I really think when you are a military spouse and you deal with the passing of a loved one it takes longer to go through the grieving process. But with that said it was nice to just chuckle. He was such a silly Papa. Always had unique stories. I couldn't help but laugh when I see him in photos.

Some of these images aren't of him specifically or he isn't facing the camera directly but it is nice to just see him.

How do you deal with the loss of a loved one? Do you go through photos? Do you write them a later? Do you go and sit by their gravestone and talk to them or read to them?

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