Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Settling In 2011

Well I am getting worse about writing. Not like there isn't anything to blog about. Being a Military Spouse and all the things that have gone on this year, there is plenty to write about.

The Military has taken us onto our next adventure. We are back on the east coast and back in Virginia. We had a great month of October visiting family during our move. It was much needed time to spend with our family.

My siblings and parents are doing well. It is never a dull moment at my parents house. It took us 2.5 days to make it to my parents. We weren't in a rush to get to their house this time so that was a nice change.

Our next stop was here in Northern Virginia. It took us two days to get here from my parents.

The couple of days we were in Northern Virginia to house hunt we did stay in a hotel with a kitchen in the suite. It was great. I was able to feed us for the week on about $20. Yes I know that doesn't make sense or add up but breakfast was provided by the hotel in the morning and then three nights during the week the hotel actually provided supper. Did I mention we really enjoyed our stay in the hotel?!

From there we stayed in Boston for a couple of days. My grandmother had  a triple bypass and heart valve replacement. I needed to make sure she was doing ok. Back in March Papa had passed away and I feel a little more protective or maybe it is just a little more worried about her.

From Boston to Vermont for two weeks. We were able to spend some time with Nathan's brothers, parents, and my sister.

After two weeks it was time to head back to Virginia to prepare for Nathan to go back to work. We stayed in the same hotel as we did during our house hunting trip. We still had another couple of weeks before we could move into the house.

It has taken me about a week to get us unpacked and some of the house cleaned. I still have more cleaning that I need to get done but a little break is needed as it is nearly Thanksgiving.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!