Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Best laid plans

As we passed the Monterey county fairgrounds a few weeks ago I saw on their LED sign that a Steely Dan tribute band was playing at the fair. Steely Dan being the band that performed the song "Rikki don't lose that number" which is the source of my wonderful wife's name. She's had that song as her cellphone ring tone ever since we learned to hack into our first cellphones. I looked up the band Aja Vu and shot them an email via their contact page to their manager. I really wasn't expecting a reply but I asked if they could dedicate their most famous song to my wife. A few days later I get an email from Ron, the lead guitarist, who would be more than happy to dedicate it. He was even nice enough to let me know which showing and in what order the song would be. As the fair approached Rikki of course wanted to go on the "free military" day which was not the day they were playing. It was pretty easy to work around that and instead convince her to power wash the house that day because of the good weather. But, I wasn't sure how I'd convince her to go on Monday for the 3:30 show (song #4). Monday turned out to be really nice so I convinced her to head to the fair around 2:00. We walked the entire fair passed infront of the stage as Aja Vu played their first song but after their introduction so Rikki would not know who they were. I could tell Rikki recognized it was a Steely Dan song but I wanted to wait a bit longer before sitting down so she wouldn't be sure. We made one more loop before sitting down right before song 4. I had timed it perfectly, Rikki didn't suspect a thing as they started to play the song and... Ron forgot to dedicate it to her. We stayed around for a little while and I was hoping he would remember but we had to get home by 6 so we left before they finished their set. That night I received an apology email from Ron and I politely replied back "it happens" and it was the "thought that counts." He said he did try to find us after the set and apologize. I did tell Rikki it wasn't just coincidence that we sat down right when her song was about to play. It just goes to show "the best laid schemes of mice and men go often askew," (Robert Burns)

UPDATE: Ron emailed us and offered to put us on his guest list for one of their next shows in Oakland or Santa Cruz. Unfortunately, we can't make either, but it was a generous offer.