Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Up Close And Personal.....

with the garage floor. I know that is strange. I had to get on my belly in order to sweep one corner of the garage floor. This is due to the stand/shelf that the hot water heater sits on. Trying to sweep up all the drywall and dust from around that shelf, YUCK!!

The insanity of cleaning out the garage today is in preparation for the epoxy coating that will happen tomorrow. A very happy note - Nathan and I don't have to do that. WOOT WOOT!! Our wonderful neighbor is doing that for us. NO, not for free. This is what he does for a living.

Nathan explained that the process will require a grinding of the cement floor in order to level it and clean it. This "cleaning/grinding" process will allow the epoxy to stick. The epoxy will be applied, some chips added (for color) and then a sealer (something similar to polyurethane, I believe). I don't know how long this will take but it should be interesting and will most definitely prolong the life of the floor.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

December 2010 Projects

We are getting down on the list of projects. There are fewer of them. It is nice but it is sad too. In just another 8 months we will be preparing to move again. Yes, that would be the wonders of a military lifestyle.

The Kitchen
A picture of the mess from after painting

Tiling the floor

Installing the island

Grouting the tile floor
Seal the grout
Add a shelf to the island which will hold my recipe magazines and support the two new additional outlets.

Install granite
Grout the granite
Install the sink
Install the faucet

Start to install the wall cabinets

Finish installing the wall cabinets and the last base cabinet along with granite

Seal the last of the grout and the granite

Before Current After

The kitchen is not scheduled to be 100% complete until February when our new stainless steel frig/stove arrive.

Add an electrical circuit for the fireplace

Paint, install the granite, grout

Side note the granite is Blue Pearl. It matches the granite used in the master bathroom. The floor tile is Tampa Gray.

Update: A few more photos to show the wall we tore down and the 5 layers of linoleum and 2 of plywood we tore out.