Sunday, November 07, 2010

September and October 2010 Projects

Pizza Oven
The Pizza Oven has been a significant project over the last two months. Nathan posted all about the Pizza Oven so I will just let you read his story.

The rainy season starts here around October so before starting the kitchen remodel we thought that we would enjoy the nice September summer weather and start doing outside projects. We have been doing nothing but indoor projects so to get outside would be nice.

We were able to pick up a little over half a ton of small wood chips from the Monterey Regional Waste Management District Administration Office (really the scales office/department) and we saw these beautiful flower beds.

Finding a link with information to let you know pricing for picking up wood chip, bark and mulch was fruitless. Here is a link with information for the Administration Office: I also don't know what type of flower this is. Anyway it cost us a little of $20 for the load we picked up.

We worked on laying some stone in another section of the "lawn" for a walkway between the driveway and the entrance of the house. The stone was leftover from the pizza oven. The rocks that we picked out of the lawn are also being used as part of new landscaping.

The Deck
This was a three day project. It took longer than I would have liked to admit to. We built the frame of the deck with pressure treated lumber and the deck boards are Trex. I honestly have to say I am not sure about that stuff. I give it one thumb up and one thumb down. It looks beautiful but it scratches very easily.

Nathan's truck after picking up the first load of stuff for the deck.
After frame and joists were assembled.
Completed deck

Before After

I did lose some other photos for the month of September. They were various photos at different stages of the front lawn cleaning. Picking and removing all the rock, older grass/weeds. That all took lots of time. Probably wasn't anything too exciting to see but would have been nice to see the gradual change for us.