Monday, August 23, 2010

Angel Is Doing Well

Angel had her post surgery check-up on Friday. Everything is going well. She won't be able to play with sticks or her idea of helping us cut up trees and roots for another month or so. The stitches are still in there and will probably not dissolve for another month. She had her bordetella shot while we were there as well. Today is her last day of antibiotics.

Nathan and I will continue to put water in some of her food to soften it up. I am not sure she will eat her food for a while as I still think it bothers her to chew. I also think she prefers her food to be softer. I am not sure if it is because it is something different or if it is just easier to eat.

The backyard fence is done :) That project took us just under a week to complete. We did do it ourselves. The pain in the butt part was hauling away dirt/sand. It took us about two days to do just that. This was all the dirt that was falling into the older fence. A day to set and let the posts cure (we did put them in cement). The rails took another day and then the pickets themselves took another day. I am very happy with the results. We have more backyard space and I am not as worried about the fence falling apart and buckling :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Angel's Surgery

We brought Angel in for a check up on the open sore under her eye that just won't heal. I guess I should give a little background first before I go into the specifics.

Last year before our move to CA I took Angel in for her first tooth cleaning. Everything went very well, well except on my nerves that is. Anesthesia makes me nervous and there is just as much of a risk to dogs as there are to humans. Anyway, after leaving her with my parents and siblings in KS for a month while we house hunted, we picked her up to find a lump under her eye.

When we arrive back in CA we take her to the vet. The recommendation was either do an x-ray and give her anesthesia or try antibiotic. The vet thought that she might have an infection in her tooth and the infection was showing up in a lump under her eye.

We try the antibiotic and that seems to reduce the size of the lump. The lump came back and we took her to the vet again. A different antibiotic and the lump practically disappeared. We thought that we had beat the infection and that the tooth didn't need to be pulled.

The lump came back and Angel broke the skin open which caused the infection to drain out but not fix the problem. The open wound would scab over but not heal 100%. Which brings us to yesterday.

The vet wanted to do an x-ray, tooth cleaning and then the extraction based off the x-ray. They were able to do this all yesterday right after the appointment. I felt horrible. I was upset, felt guilty and just plain mad. I don't know if the cleaning she had last year caused the infection with the tooth or not but it just seemed to coincidental.

She was funny to watch yesterday after surgery. Couldn't really walk quite in a straight line. Wasn't comfortable and was drooling a little bit.

We were up for a little while very early this morning after she threw up on Nathan.

I will keep you posted on how she does. She does have a follow up appointment next week. Antibiotic for the next 10 days, soft food for the next 7 days, pain meds for up to 7 days and then we can go back to brushing her teeth in 7 days.

If you need to know I was upset at myself because I should have just done the x-ray and possible tooth extraction that first vet visit. I feel guilty because I let the problem continue for a year. And I was mad because at just 8 years old she had to have her first tooth removed.

Monday, August 02, 2010

July 2010 House Projects

It was a fairly relaxing month. My parents were here the first week of the month so we did a lot of touristy things. The rest of the month was working on getting some other projects completed. The front fence is finally done. The ornamental fence was installed the day after my birthday. It looks beautiful! A huge difference from the original wood fence. The house looks more inviting and bigger.

The Front Fence
The guys measure a section of fence between the columns. Or in this picture they are measuring the height of the flat end post for the entrance gate.
Next they cut a big fence section down to size. The cut accommodates for the size between the columns and the "L" shaped anchor brackets.
A hole is drilled into the columns for the shell or frame anchor.
Double check to make sure the hole is big enough for the anchor.
The anchor is then tapped in.
It is a little hard to see here in the picture but the section of fence with the attached "L" brackets are placed in position and then the washer and bolt are fastened in.
The hinges are welded to the flat end post bar and to the gate.
The latches are then welded to the gate.
Once they were finished with the welding they painted any of the exposed metal/iron.
Completed fence from the back.
Completed fence from the front.

Preparing The Front Lawn
Since the grass didn't grow over the winter and just died we are now planning an alternative for the front yard. I started to turn up the soil in the front yard to get rid of the waste (spark plugs, old water sprinkler pipes, bottle caps, etc.), the roots from the weeds, all the fennel that grows randomly and the tree roots. I also think doing this will give us a better idea of what type of "soil" we have.

Cutting Down More Pine Trees
So we were able to get back outside and cut down some more of the pine trees in the back yard. The Pine Trees would be in the way when we get ready to replace the back fence so we are trying to trim them down as much as possible.
After cutting down some more of the tree it seems like there may even be three pine trees growing in the area. The trees are growing over and into each other which makes it difficult for Nathan to find a place to cut and then pull the cut sections out.
The pile of Pine Wood after the first and second cuts.
More Pine Wood stacked on top of the California Bay Laurel wood.

New Plants
Nathan found an ad on Craigslist for free Aloe Vera plants. He went and checked them out and brought home a couple of sections of the plant. Nathan planted them and they are now part of the front yard landscaping.
(See the first picture in Preparing The Front Lawn.)

The new master bathroom and front fence were inspected by the city of Seaside so we have now official closed the one open permit we had :)