Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Papa In Knee Surgery Again

Poor Papa! I think he is taking all of this like a trooper. After an appointment with the Orthopedic Specialist on Monday he was told he would need to have surgery again. Apparently he either re-injured or the surgery didn't "take/heal" properly. The knee was in the same condition as it was before the first surgery (June 24th).

As far as I understand now it wasn't a torn meniscus that was replaced. Papa had to have ligaments reconnected to a different location. Some how they snapped or got torn so holes were created to reconnect things to the new locations. This is why the surgery only took 90 minutes the first time.

So his second surgery was on the 23rd and it was 2 hours. Not bad considering we thought that this time he might have to have a second knee replacement done.

I believe he is heading back to the same Rehabilitation Center; Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Roslindale. I don't know when he was moved today. He could have been moved this morning or he could have been moved this evening. I think I will wait until the end of the week to try to call him.

The other great news is that neither one of these surgeries affected his dementia treatment.

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