Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June 2010 House Projects

Sorry I am late on getting this up. Nathan and I kept ourselves pretty busy the month of June. He was out of school for about three weeks so we got a lot of silly stuff done. We were hoping some of the bigger projects that we decided to pay someone else to do would have been done by the end of the month as well but they weren't :(

Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom before we started was a bedroom.
Glass company installed shower glass doors. Plumber & Electrician installed fixtures, vanity light and outlets.
Installed towel rack.
Installed toilet paper holder and base board moulding.
Installed small cabinet above toilet. Installed a full length viewing mirror across from toilet.
View of the bathroom from outside.
Moved stuff from the original bathroom into the master bathroom.

Master bathroom 100% complete.

Hallway before
Crown & base moulding finally installed.

Hallway 100% complete

Master Bedroom
Master bedroom before. In this first picture you can just barely make out that behind the bedroom door was the original master bedroom closet. It jutted out into the room and used up much needed space.
Installed the base and crown moulding and trim around the doors.

Master Bedroom 99% complete

Guest Bedroom
The guest bedroom before. In the back right corner of the room, in the first photo, you can see the original closet.
Installed the last of the crown moulding. Took down the old blinds and filled in the holes to prepare for the new blinds. Excuse the mess in this room. This is where stuff gets puts to donate and where we are putting everything for my sisters wedding in October.

This room is 99% complete.

Front Yard
Faux painted the stuccoed fence and installed small solar powered LED lights.

Back Yard
Squared off the cement patio. Bought a fairly new hot tub :)
Started to trim the pine trees in the back yard to prepare to install new back yard fence.

Hubby cleaned out the garage and installed a new garage light. Way better than just the light bulb light that was originally out there.

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