Monday, July 12, 2010

Mom and Dad in Monterey

If you are up on Facebook and have an account I posted a lot of pictures from Mom & Dad's visit out to Monterey County, CA. On July 4th Nathan took dad up flying with a friend and classmate from NPS. They flew up to Half Moon Bay.
From July 5th:
From July 6th:
From July 7th:
On July 8th Mom and Dad took Nathan and I out to Olive Garden for our anniversary. I didn't get any pictures from that night.
From July 9th: Later in the afternoon Dad went flying up in the T-34 with the same person who took them flying on the 4th. I believe they just flew down to Carmel Valley.

If you are friends with Nathan on Facebook he added some pictures onto his profile from the flights:!

If you are unable to view any of the photos on Facebook and would like to see some let us know and we will get some photos to you.

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