Monday, July 26, 2010


The big 3.1. birthday! It was really good! Nathan spoiled me this weekend with supper, homemade ice-cream and cake. Of course for just the two of us we had cake again today.

Nathan got me a new "wonder tool." My other wonder tool had been abused. My new wonder tool is even equipped with a small screwdriver and a rubber grip handle. Pretty bad when the lady likes her tools. That is when you know you have spent a lot of time remodeling a home.

I had my first mammogram today. Okay, I know it may be a little TMI. I got to ask Radiography Technician Susan lots of questions before and after the exam. She was really nice. Didn't mind me asking questions at all. Let me look at my digital x-ray images on the computer with her.

If you are wondering no it doesn't hurt. A little uncomfortable but on a scale from 0-10, (with 10 being really uncomfortable) I would have given it a rating of 1.

I went to the appointment in sweat pants and a t-shirt, no deodorant and no lotions on. I was allowed to keep on my jewelry including my glasses and I was given a gown and temporary locker for the screening. The wonderful nurses assistant, I didn't ask her name, gave me a pink bracelet because it was my birthday.

There was hot water available and tea in the screening waiting room (not the lounge waiting room).

Now I went in there expecting to be "squished" in between two metal plates. Totally not the case. There is a sticky removable foam pad that the radiography technician placed on the bottom or resting shelf. The top shelf, that came down electronically via control of a foot petal, was a "plastic tray." Susan could also adjust the height of the bottom or resting shelf via a secondary foot petal.

You don't have to hold your breath while the x-rays are taken. Just stand still which is pretty easy when you are also kind of directed where to place your shoulder and arms.

I got a lot of love from lots of people today. Text messages, Facebook wall posts and phone calls. Thank You all so much!

Aunt Maria called to also let me know that Papa is doing well and should be headed back to rehab tomorrow. I was so happy to hear that.

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