Friday, June 25, 2010

Papa's Surgery

Thursday June 24th Papa went in for surgery to replace a torn meniscus in his left knee. During Preop on Wednesday the cardiologist noticed that Papa had a heart attack. Before surgery could be done tomorrow he needed to have a stress test. Since Papa couldn't do the physical stress test he was going to have a chemically induced stress test. This was scheduled for the morning. He wasn't scheduled for surgery, as long as everything was okay with the stress test results, until 4:45pm EST. I was surprised at the lateness of the surgery considering there was a possibility that the surgery could last 6 hours.

On Thursday morning I received word that everything went well with the stress test and Papa was going in for surgery. Two hours later I received a call that Papa made it out of surgery and that he was doing well. The surgery wasn't nearly as long as they expected. I don't know if the speed of the surgery had anything to due with the fact that Papa has had both of his knees replaced or not.

The concern during surgery was how the anesthesia was going to effect his dementia. There was great concern that Papa was going to be very confused like he was in February. There seemed to be no complications from the anesthesia.

On Sunday he should be transferred to rehabilitation if all goes well.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Papa In Hospital

Papa was in the hospital today. Had difficult getting in and out of the house to get to Aunt Maria's for Christina's birthday. He wasn't able to use the leg at all this morning. There was a bruise on the back of his left knee and the knee felt hot to the touch. Nana has stated the knee has felt hot to the touch for a little while and that there has been a gradual decline in the use of the knee but the sudden non-use was drastic. Nana was very upset and brought him to the hospital.

After an ultrasound to the knee it looks like Papa may have a torn meniscus. Surgery will be needed to repair it. Followed by some physical therapy.

It is unclear to me as to how long Papa has had the torn meniscus. I don't know if he tore it before February or if it happened after. From what I have been told it is something that happened after May, which was Papa's last appointment with the orthopedic specialist.

The concern about doing surgery is the effect of anesthesia on Papa with his dementia. The neurologist will have to get together with the orthopedic specialist to find the best course of action for surgery. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly to help alleviate the pain and discomfort for Papa.

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Seaside Community

On May 22nd Nathan and I helped the Neighborhood Association do some work to clean up the local Highland Otis Park.

Nathan had gone for a run in the morning and while he was gone for his run he saw the association doing some work on the park and asked if they needed help. I was worried about him, after he was gone for two hours, and called him. He told me what he was doing and then asked me to join them. I walked up to the park after I had lunch.

I helped Nathan for two hours shovel mulch and wood chip to spread out around the front corner of the park.

While at The Home Depot this last weekend, Nathan stopped at the Customer Service desk to inquire about donations for the park. The Home Depot does make donations but requested a letter written directly to the manager.

This weekend Nathan and I worked on the letter and then e-mailed it to the Neighborhood Association Leaders. This afternoon they called and invited us over to supper to discuss the plans for the revitalization of the park and the donation letter. Tomorrow night we will have supper with them.

Here is the website for Highland Otis Park: The Otis Park Neighborhood Association is building the website.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May House Projects

The projects for the month of May, have been kind of slow. It took a couple of weeks before the glass company came out to do the measurements for the shower door.

Stain & Polyurethaning
Master bathroom door and all the trim for the hallway, master bedroom and master bathroom.

Vanities & Counter Tops
Secured the vanities to the wall and installed the granite counter tops.

Thomas Kinkade
Added Thomas Kinkade border of a lighthouse.

Grouted the counter top, sealed the grout and the granite. Started to hang the medicine cabinets. Hung the master bathroom doors.

Fence Work
Stuccoed the cement blocks in the front yard.