Friday, April 30, 2010

April House Projects

Finish Master Bath Shower

Finished tiling the shower, grout and seal grout.

Finish Master Bath Floor

Install floor heat matting. Tile over floor heat, grout and seal grout.

Mudding or Joint Compounding

We had to mud the entire hallway and master bedroom walls. There was something similar to a popcorn texture applied to the walls that we didn't like. We tried to sand down this texture when we did the guest bedroom but it didn't come out the way we wanted so we tried this other option.

The sanding aftermath


Testing paint samples

Painting & Install Shelving

Moved Into Bedroom & Moved All Pieces To Bathroom For Assembly

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 34th Birthday Hubby

Friday afternoon after he gets home from work his birthday present is delivered. No this wasn't intentional. I know he doesn't like waiting to open presents so I let him open it.

HP Mini 210 or netbook. Now he can take this light 3lb PC to school with him versus his 7lb HP. He likes it!

On Sunday he planted strawberry and tomato seeds using the dirt from the composter.

On Sunday night we had roasted chicken. I wanted leftover chicken to make chicken pot pie/dumplings on Monday night. I followed a chicken recipe posted by fellow Military Spouse Lanette Lepper on Facebook.

Monday I made chicken pot pie/dumplings and carrot cake. I had never made a carrot cake before but it was a recipe from the Men's Health Magazine website.

I think it was a pretty good birthday weekend. By the time I got to bed on Monday night he and Angel were already asleep.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

March Projects

I am late in posting the March projects but here they are :)

Putting up drywall in the master bathroom

There was an inspection after this point. This was for the last structure check.

Putting up cement board

Just before tiling we sealed the gaps between the cement boards.

Tiling of the shower

So we didn't quiet finish the shower by the end of the month. We did about 2/3rd's and put in the small glass accents.