Thursday, February 11, 2010

$6k Unexpected Expense

I called a plumber today after another back-up in the shower/bath tub this morning. Nathan spent three hours outside snaking the sewer line. He did pull out some roots that were causing the block. This morning everything seemed like it was fine. We could at least flush the toilet again until I took a shower.

Two weeks ago we had a flood in the garage after Nathan flushed the toilet and I had a load of laundry going. He snaked the laundry line at the time and that seemed to have cleared the backup.

Back in July right after we purchased the house I called our home owners insurance policy due to a back-up in the kitchen sink.

This morning before I called the plumber I called the home owner's insurance policy company to verify if sewer lines outside the house were covered and if the lines are outside the foundation of the home they are not.

I called the contracting companies plumber, who built the new water and sewer lines for the new bathroom and he gave me a recommended plumber. I called them first thing at 8am and set up an appointment for noon. At 9am I get a call back and the plumber was done early and would be here around 9:30am.

I explained the situation to him and why we thought the problem was with the sewer line. He snaked the line and then showed me what the line looked like with a tv/camera. The sewer lines are as old as the house, 50 years. The lines are paper and tar, orange burg pipe. They are buckling and tree roots are growing which is causing the problem.

Hopefully on Monday, even though it is a holiday, work will begin on trenchless sewer line replacement. The estimated cost is $6,039. We will let you know what happens.