Sunday, January 31, 2010

January House Projects

The construction company started work on replacing our electric meter panel and sub-panel.

Power or wires The meter that was connected directly to the wires. The problem with this connection was there was no way to shut off the electricity to the house.
The new meter panel. The new meter panel box installed.
The new meter panel approved by the city/town.

The old sub-panel The wires to the sub-panel.
The wires connected to the new sub-panel.
The sub-panel door installed.
The new sub-panel complete.

Painted the guest bedroom

It took us three coats of paint to paint the ceiling. We learned after painting the ceiling to prime the walls before we painted those. There are two coats of Behr white paint and then a third coat of Glidden white paint. The color on the walls is Behr Expedition Khaki.

Installed base and crown molding and corners.

I left the light on when I took these pictures. The room looks orange due to the bronze light. The room is not 100% complete but this is pretty close.