Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Projects

Rewiring The Outlets

Rewire the living room outlet and add a new outdoor outlet.
In the new Master Bathroom add a new outdoor outlet.
Add a new outlet in the master bedroom as we will lose one outlet for the construction of the new Master Bath.
Kitchen outlet and hole created.
Living room outlets.

Prepare Guest Bedroom For Paint

View of the room after sanding for the third time.
Pictures of my gray hair after sanding.

New Porch Lights

Before After Front Porch
New Back Porch light will be wired by the construction company with the new master bath.

Install Dishwasher

Dishwasher delivered. Nathan checking it out and pulling out all the instructions.
Nathan taking out some cabinets to make room for the dishwasher.
It took us three days and about a dozen trips to the hardware stores to find the right parts to install the dishwasher. Nathan finally found the part and we were finally able to finish installing it. The kitchen will be the next remodel for the house but the dishwasher helps with the aggravation of having to wash dishes by hand every night.

Insulate The Outside Master Bath Wall

Insulation near the new outdoor outlet is not tacked down 100%. Need to wait until the wiring for the new outdoor light to switch is complete.

Close The Open Master Bedroom Wall

Where we left off.
Added the new outlet.
Closed the wall and began to joint compound.

Master Bathroom Vanities

Before After they were stained and polyurethaned. You can also see we had the holes drilled in two slabs to prepare for the vessel sinks.

Tear Down Old Front Fence/Build New One

Fence Before
The right side of the garage.
The right of the entry walkway. Note there is also a new mailbox installed.
Left side of the entry walk way.

New Kitchen Light

I don't have a picture of the kitchen light before but this is the old living room light. The kitchen light was the same without the glass.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Putting together and decorating the Christmas Tree. We decided to put up our fake one as it was $60 to buy a real one.

Christmas Eve supper.

Christmas Breakfast. Thank You for the recipe Lanette!

Angel with her stocking. Treats I made for her. She is a little confused as she thinks she will get in trouble for having too many treats.

Chocolate and hard candy in his stocking.

2010 Calendar in my stocking.

A tool belt to help with all the house remodeling projects.

Sack People for the PS3.

Decorative plate as a house warming gift from MIL & FIL.

Wind chime from Gram Glo.

First House Christmas Ornament.

Blanket from Uncle Bobby.

Chocolates from Nana.

Our Family

We Thank everyone for all the wonderful gifts!