Thursday, July 30, 2009

Movers Here

The movers were here today. It took three guys four hours to unpack all of our stuff. The house is smaller than we realized. We weren't making the situation any better by closing off the second bedroom (the room that is going to become the master bathroom and walk-in closet).

Here is what the house looked like at the end of the day.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My 30th

It was a great way to spend a birthday. We finished polyurethaning the floors yesterday (5 coats worth I must add). We took today off and rested. We were so tired and worn out from getting the floor finished that we took the day off. We slept in and Nathan took me for a walk down to the bakery. I could have anything I wanted! That is not really a good thing for him to have done. I was good really. We walked out of the store with 5 pieces of pastry for $3.75. It was cheaper than the bakery across the street.

I got to have chinese food for supper. YUM!!! It was a little pricey but it was very good. We didn't find a chinese food place that we liked in VA so this was a good find. Nothing beats The Hong Kong Harbor View Seafood in Honolulu.

Nathan gave me my first tool kit, see the picture above, so that I could work on projects in the house using my own tools.

It was an amazing birthday! I don't know what I did to deserve what I have gotten this year. I own my first home. MSRRA had great news this week with being added to NDAA. Nathan and Angel have both put up with me for the last 7 years (we just celebrated 7 years of marriage), I don't know why. I have had great mini vacations, and both Nathan and I are still healthy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hardwood Floors Are Complete

It has been a week since we pulled the hardwood floor up in one room and replaced the wood chipped boards. We then filled in holes, scraped off the paint, sanded, stained and then put on 5 coats of glossy polyurethane. It has been a lot of work, lots of long hours, constant sweeping, 1 day of cleaning the house from top to bottom and 3 nights of sleeping in the back of the truck, on an air mattress, in the garage. Good thing we knew to hold off on household goods delivery. The floor didn't turn out 100% like we would have liked but it looks so much better than before.

Some before and after pictures for you:
Hallway before. Hallway after.

Master bedroom before. Master bedroom after.

Living room before. Living room after.

Third bedroom before. Third bedroom after.

Jiffy Pop

9:30pm PDT and for the first time ever I cooked Jiffy Pop popcorn. Nathan and I have been wanting some popcorn but I don't have a microwave and I now have to get used to gas appliances. The only option for making popcorn, using a gas appliance, was Jiffy Pop. I have to say I was impressed. It popped pretty well, there were only a few corn kernels. It took about the same amount of time to pop as microwave popcorn. There was about the same amount of popcorn as in a microwave bag. I personally didn't start a huge fire or burn the house down. The popcorn was saltier than we have been used to but when all was said we finished it. So I would say that Jiffy Pop popcorn was GOOD!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

S 475 An Amendment To S 1390

BIG NEWS for MSRRA! Military Spouses may soon be able to declare a home state of record. Hopefully by the end of the year President Obama will be signing the Defense Authorization Act that will include the amendment for Military Spouses Residency Relief Act.

As of today the Chairman of the VA Committee, Sen. Daniel Akaka, and 86 other Senators agreed to attach S 475 to S 1390.

The next steps for S 475 would be:
1.) Go to conference, which means the House & Senate will work out the differences between the two versions of the Authorization bill, probably some time after the August recess.
2.) The conference report will get voted on.
3.) Goes to the President to be signed.

We don't know if this will be in the President's hands by October or not until December. Both the Senate and the House still need to agree on having the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act attached to S 1390 along with the verbage of the bill.

Click here to read the Press Release from Congressman John Carter's website.

I am optimistic that this will be passed in conference and signed by the President before the end of the year.

For more up to date info check out and become a fan of the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act Coalition.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fixing The Hardwood Floor

Today we started our venture in fixing the hardwood so that we can sand, stain and make it shine. It was a long hard day. We finished putting hardwood floor in the third bedroom. We filled in the holes from having removed the wood chipped boards and from where we knocked down the closet. I also worked on removing the paint from the floor (so it wouldn't tear up our sand paper quickly) and filling any nail holes with wood filler. Nathan also started to pull up the hardwood floor from the second bedroom that we are hoping to change to a master bathroom.

We didn't think we could do that much but we are very proud of ourselves. Tomorrow will be the same and Sunday we are hoping to finish and start to prep for stain.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

GoodBye Closets

We spent the middle of the week tearing down closets, pulling staples and nails out of the wood floor and cleaning. I know I mentioned that we pulled staples and nails during the week but honestly there were so many of them. We think they went a little crazy with the staples and nails for the carpetting.

I don't have any pictures of Nathan whacking away at the closets but I have some shots of the completed work.

Master bedroom closet after.

Second Bedroom closet after.

Third bedroom closet before. After

Monday, July 06, 2009


Two days after moving into the house (with what we have) we were back out camping while the house was being fumigated. We had all the carpet and almost all the shoe moulding pulled up before the fumigation.

I had to call PG&E, when I got back from signing paperwork for the fumigation, to have them turn the gas back on. That was scheduled for first thing in the morning on the 7th. The termite company calls to have PG&E turn the gas off before they tent and fumigate.

Here are some pictures from the third day of tenting (this is a three day process but since we were scheduling for around the 4th of July it was 5 days) and camping.

Fumigation sign taped to the front of the house so no one will enter.

Windows are sealed after tenting.

Walking back to our campsite after a hot shower! Yes this is the only weekend where it has been hot enough to wear shorts.

This is a cool picture that Nathan took of us. It is our reflection off one of the windows in the bed of the truck. This was the day the fumigation company was at the house. We managed to finish taking off the shoe moulding in the hallway and in the bedrooms before we had to be out of the house. We took a shower, headed to the campground, had lunch and then laid down for a nap. Angel and I are asleep in this picture. No posing here.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Carpet Has To Go

We aren't even the house one day and the first thing we know we need to tackle is the carpet. We need to know what is under it and if the floor is in decent shape. We start by ripping up carpet. The carpet is pretty nasty. I am not sure how old it is or the last time it was cleaned (if ever).

It took us one day to get the carpet pulled up. The rest of the week we pulled staples, nails and carpet tacks from the floors. We were happy to find hardwood floor under the carpet in decent condition. So we know that we want to finish the hardwood floors before we schedule the movers. Yes there was some water damage where some sections of the hardwood floor were cut out and wood chipped board was put down but we will fix that and hopefully that will be just a minor repair. We are going to try to conquer the wood floor ourselves.

Here are some pictures of our carpet pulling fest:
The last piece of foam padding in the third bedroom. The last of the foam padding in the third bedroom.
After the carpet was ripped up in the second bedroom.