Sunday, January 25, 2009

Every 6 months I do a free credit check for Rikki or myself. For whatever reason this year none of the three agencies were able to verify my identity so it took a 7 minute automated phone call to order it by mail. The phone call verifies by your home phone, cnvenient enough. I you haven't checked your credit report do it, do it now.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Nathan's orders are in for his Global Support Assignment/Individual Augmentee, GSA/IA.  He will be heading out in the fall.  I have registered for a GSA information briefing for military families.  Hopefully this will answer questions about moving and support systems.  Sorry this post isn't specific.

Nathan is IP Sailor for the month of January.  He will be given an award at a luncheon by the local Hampton Roads chapter of AFCEA, the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.  AFCEA will also feature him in their magazine.

We were in Shanadoah Valley this weekend.  No snow on the "mountains" but plenty of rain.  We spent a day at Massanutten.  We were there for a tour.  It is an RCA Resort.  I don't recommend that anyone do this if they have motion sickness.  It is a four hour driving tour around the resort.  Let's just say our tour guide cut the tour short when I had to throw up.

I am closing out the year of 2008 for the business and charging forward with 2009.  Receipt boxes are definitely your friend when you own a business.  Yes, it does have to be an organized box of receipts and you should have an excel spreadsheet with receipt information.

Plenty of stuff going on.  I think that is it for now.