Sunday, October 19, 2008

Carnival Glory

Our last cruise was in 2005 on Norwegian's Pride of America.  It was a cruise of the Hawaiian Islands.  On Friday, October 10th we left Norfolk, VA to drive to Port Canaveral, FL.  We spent the night at Radisson Resort at the Port.  The Radisson offered a free shuttle to the cruise ship and then picked us up at the cruise terminal when we got back.  We spent $126 for the one night at the hotel.  We also had an awesome ready to made breakfast at the resort's restaraunt.  Nathan had an egg white omelet and I had belgian waffles.

Radisson Pool 2.JPG
Radisson Manatee.JPG








Our first stop was Nassau Bahamas.  We went to Atlantis via an $8 cab ride.  Talk about perfect timing.  After taking plenty of pictures of the resort aquarium we headed upstairs and outside to go for a walk around the resort.  We got outside in time to watch the fish get fed their breakfast.

Atlantis Aquarium 2.JPG

Atlantis Aquarium 16.JPG








Monday we spent the day at sea.

Tuesday morning before we got off the ship Captain Rocco announced that some excursions were cancelled.  He also announced that our stop in St. Marten would be cancelled due to Hurricane Omar that was expected to hit the island directly.  He was going to call the main office in Maimi and see if he could schedule an alternate port to stop at and would announce an update tonight.  That was kind of nerveracking.  The only thing I could think was that we were going to spend tomorrow floating in sea and I was going to be sick from wonderful motion sickness.  We got off the boat and spent the day in St. Thomas.  In St. Thomas we walked around.  It was very cloudy and eventually started raining.  We bought some Belgian Chocolate in St. Thomas.  Nothing too terribly exciting.  In the evening we found out Wednesday would be a day at sea and Thursday we would stop at Grand Turk.  That was an interesting surprise that an alternate port was scheduled within 12 hours..


Glory St. Thomas 2.JPG
Glory St. Thomas 4.JPG








Wednesday was a day at sea.

Thursday we arrive in Grand Turk.  Grand Turk is a small island.  From what we were told the port there was just rebuilt about a week prior from a Hurricane that hit the islands earlier in the Hurricane season.  The biggest surprise to me was everything was right there at the port; shopping, swimming, beaches and restaraunts.  Yes we did buy a couple of things but we didn't spend a ridiculous amount.

Friday we spent the day at sea.

Saturday morning we arrived back at Port Canaveral and drove back to Norfolk, VA.

Below are some pictures of Formal Nights.  They were Sunday and Thursday.

Glory 10122008 4.jpg

Glory Drawing 2008.jpg
Glory 10162008.jpg











A big Thank You to our neighbors the Schwartz who watched Angel for us while we were gone!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Virginia State Fair 2008

We headed to the Virginia State Fair today.  My Uncle, Aunt and Cousin were going to meet up with us in the afternoon.  I packed a big lunch for us yesterday, assuming that we would meet up with everyone at about 1pm and that is when Nathan and I were planning on eating.  We didn't meet up until about 2pm and only had a couple of hours together.  We ended up leaving a little after 4pm as we still had a two hour drive home.

It was a beautiful day.  It was in the 80's but it wasn't as bad waiting for rides as we thought.  We had on suntan lotion, had water and stood in the shade where and when possible.

Nathan and I had a great time walking around and watching some of the shows in the morning; a duck race, a pig race and an extreme canine show.  We didn't hit any of the rides until after we met up with my Uncle.

Next year the state fair will be off of I-95, North of Richmond.  I don't think we will be going.  The drive is too far.

Swing Round 2008 5.JPG

Spinning Saucer 2008 3.JPG
Swing Round 2008.JPG