Saturday, September 20, 2008

My New Watch - Garmin 405 Forerunner

So I've taken some flak over the years for my Casio calculator watch I've worn since high school. I've always chosen my watches for their functionality and not their fashion. Finally the latest line of GPS watches have been miniaturized enough to be feasible for daily wear. Rikki bought it for me as an anniversary present and so far I've been pretty impressed.

I'm not a fan of Garmin. I don't know how they've come to dominate the GPS market. I've used superior mapping and GPS products by Delorme. But, they have become the standard these days and I'm hoping they have improved since we bought our last GPS about 4 years ago.

Rikki bought me the full package including the heart rate monitor. This watch is perfect for any runner to train and track progress. Check out what it can do. I even took it for a run in Cabot, VT. The biggest drawback is the battery life. With GPS enabled the watch only lasts 8 hours. So far I have to charge it about once a week, annoying as a watch, but understandable for what it does.

Another cool technology is the automatic download to my computer and update to the Internet. The Heart Monitor and the small USB plugin automatically sense the watch and start working when you are within a few feet. After a workout the watch downloads the data to the computer and then uploads to the mygarmin website automatically.

Overall I'm very impressed and thanks to Rikki for a great gift.