Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My 29th Birthday!!

Man am I old!  I am now 29 :p  It is kind of horrible knowing that in less than a year I will be the BIG 3-0.  I know some of you are saying that she is crazy.  But you know what, I realized that you can still die at the age of 29.  Not only that but some of you don't know the Tyner theory; 25 is half way to 50 which is about 30 to 50 away from death.  That is not fun!  So you see I am 29 which is way closer to 50 which is way closer to the hole in the ground.  Life is honestly too short!

Okay so for my birthday.  Nathan tried to make me breakfast in bed.  I needed to go work out after our binging trip to VT and MA.  We went for our run/bike ride.  Got home, ate our normal breakfast and then headed to the Commissary/Exchange.  I picked up a couple of things Nathan wanted to make homemade ice-cream for tonight and then I met him at the exchange to pick up dog food.  When we got home and I was making veggie lasagna for dinner (healthy but needed some carbs) Nathan was busy hiding presents around the house.  Very cute!  When I found all the gifts there were a total of 4; perfume, folding table for my all-in-one pc keyboard and mouse (I do my work on the couch and holding a keyboard and mouse in lap aren't ergonomically correct), strainer and 24 cupcake holder.  So I was one spoiled birthday girl!

Nathan made homemade mint oreo ice-cream for me for dessert.  It was yummy :)

There was a party in VT for me before we left there; the 22nd.  There was also a party in MA before leaving there; the 23rd. 

Jibjab - Time for some campaigning

Jibjab has finally made a come back since their last good political video "This Land" back in 2004. It has been long overdue. I really enjoy my political cartoons and since my favorite Cox and Forkum stopped their work months ago jibjab is the only other website I still check on once in a great while. Jibjab is the next logical step in political cartoon evolution. Too bad no one else is making these as successfully. This Land made national news in 2004, I'm not sure if this one will. Check out Time for some Campaignin'.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog is back up

So we had some problems with the blog.  The IP address changed while we were back in VT.  How nice!!  Anyway the blog is back up.  Hopefully everything is working properly.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July

Our 4th of July was a near washout.  Nathan was on call that evening so we didn't venture far to watch the fireworks.  At about 9:00pm we headed to the bay on base to watch some of the fireworks from the towns on the Peninsula.  There was some lightning but no rain and no thunder.  About 15 minutes into watching three different town fireworks, it started to rain, the lightning was closer and you could hear thunder.  We headed into the car to try to watch the rest of them.  We aren't sure if some towns cut their shows short or if they actually finished but we headed back home at 9:30pm.  Downtown Norfolk cancelled their show since it wasn't scheduled to start until 9:30pm.  The fireworks were rescheduled for Saturday night but we haven't heard whether or not they were a success.  The weather here on Saturday was a repeat of Friday's weather.