Saturday, June 07, 2008

Evening Kayaking

 It has been kind of miserable here this last week.  It is already 80 degrees at 7:00am and we have been in the mid 90's.  During one of the thunderstorms last week, lightning hit a tree and some dry brush and started a fire.  This is down in Raleigh, NC.  As of yesterday morning the fire was only 30% contained.  Since the winds are blowing from the south all the smoke, haze and horrible burnt rubber smell is blowing up here.  So all of that combined with the 90 something weather has been miserable.

I wanted to head out and check on FluffBall and since we stayed inside all day today because it was miserable out Nathan wanted to take the kayak out.  Nathan has taken the kayak out two other times but hadn't taken Angel out.  Tonight Angel got to experience a kayak ride with her dad.

Angel did pretty well and seemed to really enjoy it for the first 10 minutes.  I walked away after taking a handful of pictures and was out of her line of sight.  As soon as I did that Nathan said she was antsy.  I walked back to get some more pictures and I could hear Angel wimpering.  She saw me and jumped out of the kayak and right into the water.  She tried to swim back to me but she was tiring out.  Nathan picked her up and put her back in the kayak.

From the bay they headed back to the piers.  Angel jumped into the water again.  This time Angel tried to jump into the kayak but that wasn't working out.  Nathan picked her up and put her back in the kayak.  They finally made it to the end of piers and then headed back to dock.  It was rather interesting.  Below are some pictures of their adventure.


Heading out into the bay.JPG
Angel Bails 2.JPG

Angel back in Kayak.JPG
Big boat little kayak.JPG
Picture from the side.JPG
Rinsing the kayak.JPG

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fuzzball Reunited

We checked on Fuzzball last night and he was reunited with his mother and sibling. I ran by the marina again this afternoon and the whole family was back together. They looked pretty good. The ducklings are still covered in only down without feathers so I don't think they can survive alone at night in the 60 degree water with the temperature dropping into the 50's. It turns out you are supposed to raise ducklings just like baby chicks. Heat lamp and everything. I doubt he would have survived that night if we left him.

I tried to take some video with my cell phone but it saved it in an odd quicktime format. Fuzzball Reunited.3g2