Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our FluffBall

Here is some video of our Friday night project.  Angel thought it was food not friend.  Nathan tried to tell her friend not food but that really wasn't working for her.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

My First Tornado

Rikki already posted the cool pictures and told the majority of the story. I had just come back from a meeting in Virginia Beach and was filling the car at a gas station on base when the sirens went off. The other person in the opposite lane filling up their car looked at me and we both shrugged. I continued pumping gas. A few seconds later the rain slowed down a little bit, the sky became darker and the wind started gusting oddly. I was partially shielded by the hobby shop but looking across the street I saw a swirling of the rain and suddenly a huge piece of tin turned into a projectile went flying. Several trees were blown over and a tractor trailer container in the parking lot was flipped. I finished up pumping gas, jumped in the car, and drove home to find Rikki in the closet. The siren went off a few more times. But, nothing serious. Our house is a mult-family complex, two story brick, 1940's construction so we are about as safe as we can be. Watching the weathermen on TV was funny, no one knew the last time a Tornado had hit the area. Our luck with natural disasters is uncanny. Everyone should prepare for the "big one" once we move out to California.