Friday, March 28, 2008

Hernia Surgery

We got a call yesterday afternoon that Nathan needed to report to surgery check-in at 8:00am.  He wasn't scheduled to have surgery until 10:00am.  We were up at 6:00am and left the house at 7:00am.  We checked in at 7:30am (due to no traffic).  At 8:10am the nurse saw him to take vitals and get a family history.  When she was done she took us to the after check-in, out-patient, surgery waiting area.  We sat in there for 5 minutes and then the nurse called us back in because the 8:00am surgery patient cancelled.  So when they tell you to show up two hours prior to your surgery, do it.  You never know you can be called in for surgery early.  Even with being bumped up early for surgery it still took another 45 minutes to prep, get another family medical history and then have IVs put in.  He was off for surgery at 8:50am.

Portsmouth Hospital was good.  I was only offended once when one of the nurses asked who I was in relation to Nathan.  I said wife and she said sorry I wasn't sure; you could have been a mistress or lover.  I mean who really brings their mistress?!  Although I laughed harder than she did because I am Nathan's lover but I am also his mistress.  There are three "beings" in our marriage; Nathan, I and the Navy.  So really I know in the Navy's eyes I am the mistress.  Anyway, aside from that, the surgical team has a phone placed in the surgery waiting room.  Twenty minutes after they wheeled Nathan into surgery and I headed for the waiting room they called me in the waiting room.  They called to let me know that everything was going well and on time and that he was doing well.  I assumed this meant that he was unconscious, had the tube down his throat, was shaved and all heart monitoring leads were placed on him.  It was just another 45 minutes from then until he was done.  The 45 minutes went by and Dr. Sharpe took me from the waiting room to the consulting room to let me know the incision was small, everything went well, he was in post surgery recovery, where I couldn't see him, and that I needed to call to make an appointment post surgery in two weeks.  Dr. Sharpe also gave me all the info I needed for how to take care of the bandages and the medications that were going to be prescribed.

Thirty minutes after surgery a nurse's assistant came to get me to let me know that he was now moved into post recovery.  I went to see him and he was awake.  He was getting ready to have something to drink and to eat; apple juice and graham crackers.  While he was letting the food settle to make sure he wasn't going to throw up and while he waited to see if Dr. Sharpe was going to come back down to sign some more paperwork I went to get his medication.  It only took me two minutes to get his medication.  There was a special window at the hospital pharmacy for discharged patients.

I went back upstairs and Nathan was discharged after we went through yet another explanation of what signs meant Nathan's incision was infected and when he could have what medication.

We made it home at 1:00pm.  So all in all not that bad.  It was a better procedure than we expected but I think that is because his surgery was pushed up and we didn't have to wait a couple of hours.  I called Dr. Sharpe's assistant and made sure I had a confirmation for Nathan's post surgery appointment.  We go back to see Dr. Sharpe on the 10th and at that time Nathan will have to have paper work signed to excuse him from the PRT.

We will try to keep you all updated on his recovery. 

Sunday, March 16, 2008

He's Back

At midnight last night he had walked off the plane.  There was a 20 minute delay in his flight from Washington/Dulles to Norfolk.  He was very tired after traveling and getting no sleep for 24 hours.  He bought some nice gifts for those that requested them and took plenty of pictures and video.  Once I get caught up on organizing the pictures I will post some here.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

He's Off

Nathan is finally off.  After 3 delays and finally a cancellation yesterday I went and picked him up at the airport.  The poor guy sat at the gate for 7 hours and then spent another 2 hours trying to rebook his flight and get his luggage back.  He spent $3 on bottled water and didn't have much to eat.

Nathan was dropped back off at the airport this morning and so far all is going well.  He is currently boarding for his second leg.  He will arrive in Naples at 6:50am EDT tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sick Angel

Angel and I were at vet hospital from 9:00am to about 1pm.  Angel has been very sick.  Monday morning at about 1:30am she threw up a couple of times.  I washed the blankets from my bed and wiped up the throw up from the rug and bathroom floor.  Neither Nathan nor I got much sleep after that.  She threw up off and on all morning.  Nathan did some research online and we thought she was sick because she didn't eat any dog food on Sunday after we went out for a run/bike ride.  She did lick our plates clean after we had supper but we don't recall hearing her eat her own food at all that night.  Monday morning she tried some water and to eat some grass outside but an hour later that all came up.  I called the vet on base on Monday afternoon after she had thrown up for the 12th time.  No appointment available and I was told to take her to emergency care since she wasn't keeping any water down.  We decided not to take her to the hospital on Monday but to try to get her to eat and drink for us because once we reached noon on Monday she wasn't eating or drinking anything, yes this includes human food.  Nathan was nice enough to play bad guy and at about 5pm on Monday he forced half a tablet of Mylanta down Angel's throat.  She didn't throw up for the rest of the evening and we did get her to eat about 1/2 teaspoon of wet dog food.  Tuesday at 2:00am Angel came downstairs to get some water.  Nathan followed her downstairs to make sure she was okay and to see if she would throw up the water.  I got up at about 2:30am and sat downstairs with everyone and at 3:00am Angel hadn't thrown up so we went back to bed.  At 3:30am after much tossing and turning Angel coward to her bed upstairs and threw up in it.  Half the water she drank an hour and a half ago.  I got up to wash her bed and grab some towels and an old t-shirt of mine to wrap her up in because she finally seemed like she would fall asleep and this would hopefully protect the bed from being thrown up on.  At 4:30am after getting Angel settled and working on my 4th load of throw up laundry, Nathan thought that he would get up and go into work early.  With Nathan in the bathroom I laid down with Angel for half an hour.  Angel threw up the other half of the water she drank at 2:00am.  At this point, I decided I would get up too.  I removed all the bedding and did yet another load of laundry.  The mattress needed to be wiped down too.  No food or water for the rest of the morning and at 8:00am called the vet hospital to make sure it was okay to bring her in.  At 8:40 Angel and I took off for the hospital after various blood work, an exam and x-rays the dr concluded that she must have a viral bug.  Trying to feed her water and food on Monday was a bad idea since Angel wasn't able to keep water down she was throwing up the water plus stomach acids.  Yesterday before we left the hospital at 1:00pm Angel got a shot of medicine to help prevent the constant vomiting, she got a shot that injected a dissolvable IV patch under her skin.  Angel weighed in at 14lbs and was very dehydrated.  For the next four days our regimen will consist of small amounts of water at a time, vomit preventing medicine which has some horrible side effects that I will not divulge as I am feeling horrible for giving her this medicine, and a diet bland can of wet food to help with some of the dehydration.  So far this morning we are throw up free.  WOOHOO, no getting up at 2:00am required well with the exception of the nasty thunderstorms that made us all jump out of bed this morning.  I believe we all got about 8 hours of sleep last night after being in bed for 12 hours but it was a long 2 days.  Angel has had some water and Nathan was nice enough to play bad guy again to get Angel to take her medicine.  It has been an hour since then and no throw up yet but I will be keeping a very close eye on her.  If Angel still is unable to keep food and water down come the end of the week we are told to go back in on Saturday/Monday for more blood work and other tests.  Please keep your fingers crossed that all will be okay.  Nathan is on a plane Saturday afternoon for Italy and I don't want a sick doggie.  It has been hard and very weird to not take Angel out or to have her beg to go out.  She is feeling that yucky.  It has been beautiful here too nearly 70 or in the lower 70's.  The dr and vet tech both commented that she must really not be feeling that great because when they prodded Angel with the thermometer she didn't even flinch.

Still no word yet from the state or the police.  Nathan thinks the guy may just have admitted fault to the accident since he couldn't flee from the scene and she (I still don't know her name or how she is) clearly saw and pointed at him after she was questioned and stood up from her SUV.  This would be nice because I would rather just try to forget the whole thing and not be asked to show up in court.